meditation is my enemy !!

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> meditation is my enemy !!

meditation is my enemy !!
Post # 1
Hey everyone
my name is Mohamed but i love people to call me Marek cuz it is my magical name and iam totally gay and iam very shy with boys
iam from eygpt and i fond of magic it make me crazy with it
i liked magic when iam six and i fond with it when iam 13 and from that age iam started to read in spell books
i like alchemy,illusions magic,occultism(or that magic which help me to know the future) and last i love black and satanic magic
And my goal from using magic is to find my boy and my soulmate
but my problem that iam confused between the two our eastern magic which is very dangerous and hard and iam fear to use it
and western magic which is simple but need MEDITATION which i can't ever doing it cuz i donot have any foucs
but iam trying to practice it but i donot know how cuz it have a lot of ways and i need the easiest one
iam looking for a mentor and i love this site and i love u all guys and thank u for reading
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Re: meditation is my enemy !!
Post # 2
Hi Marek, firstly I would suggest trying to learn meditation as it helps with all kinds of magic even those not directly involved with meditation and also in your everyday life as far as relaxing and confidence go, if you like I will attempt to teach you this but it is only fare to warn you, my teaching style is rather poor as I dont explain properly exactly what you need to do and if you dont grasp it the first time I do tend to get irritated, but as I said if you would like me to ask and I will do everything I can to help. Secondly as far as the mentor goes I would love to help you but Im still rather new to this myself and so I wouldnt be much use however I suggest asking your coven for support with the mentor and actually try to learn from an array of people rather than just one as it puts less pressure on the tutor and gives you a much wider view of things with many explanations and ways to practice, good luck and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Re: meditation is my enemy !!
Post # 3
hello marek, i personally dont use majik, it is far too symbolic and full of rubbish. but meditation isnt simply a hinderence, to truly be able to effect things with energy (your souls energy) youneed will desire and focus, so strong that you can direct your energy with a thought. meditation is easy and helps centre and clear the mind. read my forum titled chakras and the truth "" it will help you find meditation in an easier light, remember this, if we do not clear our minds and our thoughts and let go of the superficial ego rubbish that happens on a daily basis, then if you try majik your mind isnt focused and unable to hold onto a thought for long, because irritations pop in randomly. say you want to dedicate 30 minutes a day to your cause, but 13 minutes is unfocused and unrelated, are you going to get anywhere?
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Re: meditation is my enemy !!
Post # 4
Thank u very much guys u give me a verry good info but iam still have a question how i know that iam succes in the meditation and it is really work or i need a simple spell which help me to know that iam finished the meditation well
And thank u again for ur help and god bless u
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