Bad luck..

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Forums -> General Info -> Bad luck..

Bad luck..
Post # 1
I need some help.
I've been having loads of bad luck recently, I've never had such bad luck happen to me over a period of 3 days, it's been so much too.
I won't go into it because I don't want to bore you.

But I want to turn it around, I don't want to do any spells before I get some stable advice.
I am new and my spells could backfire, turning my bad luck into even worse luck.

help :(?
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Re: Bad luck..
Post # 2
Send out Positive energy, have positive thoughts, it helps a lot!!!
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Re: Bad luck..
Post # 3
yeah its kinda hard though.
there's been so much stuff hah.
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Re: Bad luck..
Post # 4
Meditate and focus on detaching yourself from the ideas of good luck and bad luck. While a particular circumstance may seem like a negative situation, with a positive outlook and a little determination, most experiences will resolve themselves in a favorable manner. Whatever the experience was, it is now over. It is in your past and is now nothing more then an idea. Focus on the now and stay positive.
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Re: Bad luck..
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I know it is hard but definately think of Good possitive vibes and good energy, it does help to turn your bad vibes (ie, luck) around! If you think positive that will come to you and more!!

Also try cleansing your aura..
to do this..

Find a time and place where it is quiet and calm, and stand where you have enough room to reach out around yourself; take in deep breaths and becoming connected to your body.

Look to your hand and feel the energy draw up from the ground up through your feet, through your legs into your hands. (the energy feels like tingling in your fingers)
Once you feel that, place your hands just above your head, sensing your aura, (feels like a spongy barrier between the space of your hand and your head) once you feel your aura see how far it goes outwards, do this from head to feet (doning your sides and the back of your body; if you cannot reach your back do this visualy with your mind).

Make sure you arua is not too far away or too close to your body, so to correct this move your aura about, pulling or pushing it until you feel the connection (you will know when your aura is at the correct distance).

Once you have done this, check your aura for any holes or breaks in it (as you lose energy and prone to invasion of i.e bad luck!) and like a plaster and/or glue bring your broken aura together and imagining it fixing back together. If you feel that something is attached to your aura, you can remove it and with your mind fix the broken/open aura to mend the hole! (with the plaster/glue imagine a white healing light going over your newly fixed aura to seal it and protect it)

DO this once or twice a day until its instinctive.. I hope this helps!
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