dream interpretation

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dream interpretation
Post # 1
so here is my dream:

Well, it started off with me standing there, and then two large birds, a sort of dove-like sea gull, and they flew towards me, and they landed on my back and turned into wings, but when I tried to fly, I found that I had a tight t-shirt covering them, and on the t-shirt it said "I am a angel of the Lord" (relating to christianity, i think) and I couldnt spread my wings and fly, and when I went around to my friends that were in the dream, and asked them to help me get it (the t-shirt) off so I could spread my wings, they just rolled their eyes and laughed, and thats when I laughed.

and I remember in my dream, my name was like castitiel, or something like that.

what do ya'll think this means?
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Re: dream interpretation
Post # 2
no one?
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Re: dream interpretation
Post # 3
it must mean that you will be a serant of god and on one will help that might the meanning of it
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Re: dream interpretation
Post # 4
Mathew, different dreams can be interpreted differently for different people. For example; a person who sees a snake as venomous, vile, and evil may take seeing one in a dream as a bad omen whereas someone who considers them good, sacred, and clean, may consider it a good omen. I suggest going to different sites and deciding for yourself what the dream means. I'll see if I can find a few links to send you in a message later.
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Re: dream interpretation
Post # 5
Castitiel was a name of the tv show supernatural. Season 4. No idea what it means tho. Taking a look at the wings. My 1st thought is that they represent a means of travel for your spiritual self. As for the t shirt. Which is blank. I wana say your humanity is holding you back. A shirt is ment to cover something. Our humanity is what seperates us from animals. While yes we are spose to show kindness to our fellow man. We aren't spose to be domanited by it. The wording is probly just a sign of what is the expected out come. The reason why your friend luaghed is becuase they weren't the one who put it on you. Its your own something which prevents it from it being taken off and having your wings spread.
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