Justice/Karma Spells?

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Justice/Karma Spells?
Post # 1
Haii, i am a 15 year old wiccan and i have been studying for almost 2 years. my friend told me that he heard of a spell that can "justfy" something that someone else did to you, without the threefold law comming back and slaping you in the face. anyone know a good site that i can find one?
-i might make one up, but im not sure what to say so the threefold law doesnt hurt me [ [yes i am a big beliver in the threefold law] ]
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Re: Justice/Karma Spells?
Post # 2
If you are a big believer in the 3 fold law, then wouldn't you accept that Karma will come after said person without you having to do anything about it?

Kinda the entire purpose behind it. Be good and watch others crumble.
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Re: Justice/Karma Spells?
Post # 3
i did a return to sender spell befour, it will send all the bad karma that he gave to me, back to him
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Re: Justice/Karma Spells?
Post # 4
Not exactly.

A return to sender spell is meant to return the negative energy or spell back to the person. The Karma ( should you believe in it ) remains the same.

This is where it gets tricky. A return to sender spell many people see as "good" magick because it is removing a spell placed on you by another. But it is also "bad" as you are taking a negative spell and returning it to another, thus placing a negative spell on someone.

I would double check with a seasoned Wiccan ( a real one ) as to the ramifications...but under the terms of Wicca and the threefold law I would imagine a return to sender spell to be classified as "black" magick as the theory of Karma is that the negative will be sent back to the original person with no actions needed by another magick practitoner.

**Please note I use the terms good, bad, and black loosely.
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Re: Justice/Karma Spells?
Post # 5
Well majority of Wiccan will say that this particular kind of spells are compldetely justified in times of great need , or strong atack.

We dont always have the luxury of waiting for threefold law to help us following universal laws and ballance .

I would say , no ill will no need for fear . If you are a Wiccan Your God and Godess will know your intentions .

In a first book on Magick I ever puchased ( Elizabeth Swift "White magick for everyone" ) it is suggested that when you are not sure If Your spell could harm anyone say or write phrase like :
"For benefit and love of all!" or smth simmilar at the end of the process.
Blessed be !
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