Black or White magic

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Forums -> General Info -> Black or White magic

Black or White magic
Post # 1
How do you know if a spell is white magic or black magic ????...
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 2
There is no black and white magic.
It all depends on perspective.
For example, you're killing a terrorist with magic.
Is it black? (RACIST!!!!)
Is it white?
To you, you're 'doing the world good' and you can classify it as white magic..
But then again, you're killing someone, so does that classify it as black magic?
What about the terrorist?
In their eyes, they are fighting for their God, and you just killed them randomly cause in your opinion they are.. evil.. (another perspective-type debatable word) so in their eyes, you've killed someone.
So is it black or white?
Black and white is just crappy terms used by kids.
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 3
As Confucius said, although I would replace the word 'kids' with 'Hollywood' since I believe that is where the terms originated.
Either way it's all up for perspective.
How do you view good and evil?
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 4
Ok the words black or white magick are tehnickal terms colouring the casters intentand also refferin somewhat to modus operandi ( different items are ussualy used , different dieties invoked etc. )

Now rule goes that any spell casted on someone without his agreement is *black* magick , on what I dissagre but in occult world this is a valid caracteristik of division .

All spells that call for harm , ivoke dark dieties , alter someones free will , would without any discusion fall under this category ( acording to respected occultsts such as Eliphas Levi , Dion Fortune est ).
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 5
Well i agree with shadow ,but i must there is white and black magick. They are terms given to which either good or evil. Any one using magick for evil is using as termed "black magick" This is usually for torment and pain. Whit magick is the opposite of evil as one should know it referres for healing etc. Saying that they do not exist is utter madness, one must differentiate good and evil
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 6
That's exactly it though, Seprantfire. Different people catagorize things differently and see Good/Evil differently so it is more logical to say, as is true, Magick does not have color.

There is healing Magick, there is painful magick, there is elemental Magick, but none of these have colors of their own because different people using the different types would have different intentions in doing so; for example, using "black" magick to defend the innocent. Is that really so evil?
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 7
Magick is magick. The energy you use to heal someone is the same energy you use to kill someone.

The terms are used to describe the intention of the user as it is the user and only the user who is the "good/evil" one. The magick itself is not nor is it ever capable being anything more than neutral.

Yes, the term good and evil will change from person to person. It's up to each individual user to draw their own lines, if any.
To say something someone does with magick is wrong is not our place ( And I fully acknowledge I am a hypocrit for the previous statement ).

Now some religions and people lable the magick and not the user. It's easier to put the blame on something other than ones self in my personal opinion.
That being said, yes...white magick is used with the permission of another, for non selfish acts and to help.
Black is used to hurt/harm or without someones permission.

I could easily argue 99% of spells falling into the "black" catagory...but I'll refrain in this post lol
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Re: Black or White magic
By: / Novice
Post # 8
a magical operation is defined as any event in nature which is brought to pass by Will. Crowley says we mustn't exclude potato growing or banking.
Crowley considered any magical operation not used for the purpose of attainment to be black magick.
Of course this limits what practices may be defined as white magick a lot. And perhaps that's the point as attainment of an enlightened state is the most important goal of "the great work", and really any purpose for practice aside from this would dead-end pretty quick.
Sorry fluffies.
If you haven't already you should check out the post I left called "a bit of reading" or something like that, and visit the link I mentioned there.
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Re: Black or White magic
Post # 9
If you know the purpose or intention you have when casting the spell, then you know in what category to put it. It is as easy as that. As a reference point, you will read what every one said about the terms white and black. As for myself, black refers to any purposes that are against any morals, or principles that were introduced to you or any other cultures or societies. White refers as what the color represents, and to put it more simple, it is anything that is pure. If your intentions are pure from heart and soul then it is white, and this still falls into what yourself define it as.
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