Astral projection...

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Astral projection...
Post # 1
Yep,the topic is about astral projection.
I know that some have hard time trying to project yourself in astral.

Most of these causes are:
1-too much concentration.
3-Third eye(probably the most important chakra to open)

Advice on No.1 Cause:Make sure that you don`t focus too hard. Just be calm so that you can feel yourself getting into a trance.This may actually bring you up into the astral.

Advice on No.2 Cause:It may look like you`re actually imagining stuff but visualisation is what you`re doing.There`s no one in the world who can`t live with imagination/visualization.

Advice on No.3:The third eye is what i classified as the door to open your mind even Wider!This chakra is a really useful tool when it comes to either visualization or astral projection.
Without this chakra even open,your mind will be a closed and locked door.

Astral projection:Fears and Doubts.

I know that quite a majority of you wants to astral project.After some observations.I`ve found out that most people often get scared when felt being pulled by a force.Do not have fear on this.Its actually normal to get scared of this.

Doubts...I consider doubts as negative thought forms which can actually disrupt your will and focus to astral.Don`t have a single doubt that you can`t even astral.Doubts pollutes your mind.And,it make your mind even more closed.

Terrors in astral realm.
Here are the facts on being in an astral realm.

1-You can get hurt.Make sure you know some combat and protection magick.
2-There are always bad guys in astral realms.
3-Make sure you know your location.You may end up in a war.

General facts in astral realms.
>lots of libraries consisting of many forms of magick.
>Some great places which may amaze your eyes.

Hope these will help you a lot.

Now a problem i have to share.
How do i know if i`m imagining stuff?

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Re: Astral projection...
Post # 2
I`m sorry for missing out a crucial advice.

You may open all of your chakras .This is to help yourself to project much more easier and more focused.
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Re: Astral projection...
Post # 3
haha, thanks dude. I tried astral projecting two nights ago and then my body started vibrating, was my body paralyzed or was my astral body trying to get out. And when you astral anything is possible, so i can use magick in combat on the astral plane XD
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Re: Astral projection...
Post # 4
Pushing out hard enough helps to stop you from imagining things, if you are pushing out pure energy onto a image if it is not fixed it will change or dissapear where actual beings and elements within astral respond differently, often we are imagining things, but what we are seeing out mind cannot yet enterpret, this is why a person can always grow more to understand your own mind thus allowing you to understand more or what is around you on all levels of being. Astral isn't always filled with bad guys, it all depends where you go and the attitude that one has, many people have gone their whole lives without an attack, while others have them daily, what you put out is what you will get back, if you are in a area of astral with alot of other beings and you push out or act in a way which would cause offense to them eg. pushing out the concept of fighting onto them out of your own worries you are more or less asking for a fight, thus beings become the baddies, remember there are many beings who stay in astral their entire existence while most of us only enter into it by projection, thus respect their home and personal space and you should get the same from them, if not then just phase to another area of astral, in general fights are pointless and can be avoided.
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Re: Astral projection...
Post # 5
Only thing you guys have to worry of are mercenaries and soldiers of different groups and empires.
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Re: Astral projection...
Post # 6
Ahaha, but we get to choose where do go!
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