Break Up Marriage Spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Break Up Marriage Spell

Break Up Marriage Spell
Post # 1
I'm looking for a simple, but guarenteed, spell to use to break up my marriage. It's a marriage I don't want to be in any longer, AND need a good reason too leave (besides just not being happy). For example, him having an affair & me catching him.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Break Up Marriage Spell
Post # 2
When he's at work, pack your stuff and leave a Dear John letter.
"Baby, I'm leaving you and taking the dog". Problem solved.

And for the record, it actually makes me sick that not only do you not have the guts to leave a marriage you are not happy with thus making you and your husband miserable, but that you would even THINK of making it his fault by asking for him to have an affair just so you can be guilt free.

Woman up and just walk away.
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Re: Break Up Marriage Spell
Post # 3
I appreciate your input, but I was also looking out for him & my son. If I just up & leave, it would cause complications with our son, and he would cause a stink about me leaving. Plus, he is illiterate. Atleast if he is having an affair, he has the possibility of someone to fall back on, to help him out, without him having to rely on his family, which is quite unreliable.
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Re: Break Up Marriage Spell
By: / Adept
Post # 4
I actually understand where you're coming from, as controversial as it sounds. I've been in your shoes, and at the time it seemed easier to be the one dumped than the one doing the dumping. If you want to contact me off-forum, please feel free.

Before undertaking a classic break-up spell, which will cause major drama and hardship in your marriage (there are no clean break-ups through spells; much emotional damage and fighting ensue), google the phrase "honey jar spell." These spells work to sweeten a person, in your case to sweeten your husband to another woman *who is a better fit for him, his soulmate*. Do this work with love and compassion, wanting what's best for him, seeing him with a partner that meets his every need. You are in essence doing a love spell for him.

People may worry about the coercive nature of love spells and the morally-ambiguous nature of this particular working, but i do think it's a better fit than a break-up spell. You are the one who has to live with yourself, and after prayerful consideration you believe this is the right avenue, then as God wills it.

I would also suggest working with a pair of Lodestones on his behalf, one that represents him and one that represents his perfect future mate. Here's a working from my blog:

And another article:

May you find happiness.
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Re: Break Up Marriage Spell
Post # 5
heyy call those cheaters guys from TV xD
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