Bad Feeling

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Bad Feeling
Post # 1
Hi, I need help figuring out what this means.

Ok, I was outside with my dogs and cat, and I was throwing some bread to birds. My dogs went off doing whatever they do, and same with my cat. So then I started trying to feel the wind, like its energy and try to bond with it and stuff. Then after I did that for a while, I tried to talk with a tree(I read how to on a website).(Yes, I know that its wierd and that I'm wierd)Then all of a sudden the wind stopped and it got darker outside. I got a really bad feeling, like something horrible was going to happen. One of my dogs went inside and my cat ran into the garage as well. I was in the garage, but then I had to go out to get my other dog. When I went out, I felt like something was going to happen to me, so I sprinted to her and she got up and ran inside with me. Then I didn't go outside for the rest of the night and I shut and locked all of the windows and doors and shut the blinds. I was freaking out and I don;t know what it was that was scaring me and giving me that bad feeling.

Any suggestions?

Please and thank you
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Re: Bad Feeling
Post # 2
i had a feeling like that last samhain, i would do a divination on it, and use this spell thing to make an "inner sanctom" in your house, fill it with food, water, magick suplies, and weps just in case

oh, find another ward for windows and doors, as well as having a room big enoff for your cat and dogs as well as a bed
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Re: Bad Feeling
Post # 3
Thanks, I will try that spell. Also, how do you do a divination on this and did anything happen to you when you felt this
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Re: Bad Feeling
Post # 4
just any divination, thats not online of course, and no, nothing happend to me, but somthing did happen toa freind of mine as we were trick or treating(ur never to old^_^unless yor 40-up) he seid he saw jesus and spirits an angels, he almost ran into the night ect ect, sounds fake, ut if you saw the way he was way that was fake.....
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