Family Traditions 2

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Family Traditions 2
By: / Adept
Post # 1
Forgive the doubling up, as i posted this already in my coven, Practical Witches, but i thought it would be a good question to put to the community at large since we are a diverse group.

Any one have any family traditions or superstitions they'd like to share? It could be something widespread from their culture or religion or something localized from their household.

Things like: What do you and your family do to bring in good luck? What about preventing bad luck? How do you keep away trouble and/or illness? How to meet a husband or wife to marry? How to tell the gender of a baby? How to maintain the upperhand in a relationship? How to get quick cash to pay the bills? How to get work? And on and on.

If you have something to share, if you also wouldn't mind adding a sentence or so about where your tradition comes from, please, what part of the world, etc.

Even if you think your family tradition isn't unique, maybe you think all families hang a horseshoe over the front door, i guarantee you that's not so, and it will be a new and interesting tradition for at least a few.

There's a whole lot of wisdom and magic that gets down-played as mere "superstition" or "old wives' tales," and i for one love to hear about these old ways and maybe even reclaim some into my own family tradition.

Anyone want to share?
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Re: Family Traditions 2
Post # 2
A tradition that I started in my family is determining the sex of your children and children to be. My friend showed it to me years ago. It involves a ring that you wear ( even if for a short time ) and putting it on a string to dangle over your hand. Depending on which way it moves will determine the sex of your children, and how many children. I have yet to see it fail.

When things go wrong in my family, 1 of 2 things have always happened. 1. Lighting a candle to St. Jude 2. Going to a place called Holy Hill in my home state to light a candle and say a prayer. The energy of the location alone ( for me anyways ) goes far beyond religious ties.
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