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small notice
Post # 1
Any else noticing that the forum is dieing. I remember when spell caster had like 64 active theareds when time mages had 30 active theared. I remember when general info had at one time 56 theareds at once
With all these new covens should the forum be more active?
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Re: small notice
Post # 2
Because there not looking for anything even if there was something to look for. The thing is, after a coven gets old with the same members and a few new members come by, there really is nothing more to talk about or to learn about because mostly or should be on the same level. The new members can look back on the older forums and learn from there. You can't learn something if you don't know if it is out there...
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Re: small notice
Post # 3
I think that many of the old members have left though, and MANY new members have joined.....

I think what is really killing this site is a shared mentality of needed control, this site used to be relatively free, a lil bit dangerous, rough and tumble even, but it was active, we always had huge discussions going on,now the biggest discussion they have is the "bored" thread.

its this mentality many members and mods have, this need to control the forums, chatter, and messages;

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Re: small notice
Post # 4
I say let people do what they wish to do, just because someone says their not acting like they should does not mean they need to lie their feelings. Hey at least they're saying what they really feel.
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Re: small notice
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
I find it sad at times that there is not more magical discussion on the public forms from time to time. I personally like to see different ideas being thrown around. The problem is that a good debate turns into an argument with people putting others down and refusing to agree to disagree.

We all have different ideas and some are really off in their ways of thinking at times. Misinformation is a problem and role players do like to make things up. But in reality anyone who is into the mystical ways of life are open to those who do not believe in it.

As for the problem of control, it is a major part of magic. That is what we are doing with magic, trying to control the outcome of things in our lives. The best way to look at it though is through the eyes of others and see that it is best to pick your battles in all parts of life. There will always be someone or something greater than you to help you along or knock you back :)
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Re: small notice
Post # 6
one of the biggest issues i guess would be because now there are too many covens,same quantity of members samme conversations, but now spread over covens forums. covens have always been a suite of ego, one coven guarding their gifts and knowledge from other covens, personally i dont believe in conforming to any group. all it makes is paradigms.
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