Scary Slavic story

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Scary Slavic story
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Serbian tale:
(...) Yesterday, the woman went to the ala?s house with her child, the ala?s godchild. Upon entering the first room, she saw a poker and a broom fighting; in the second room, she saw human legs; in the fourth ? human flesh; in the fifth ? blood; in the sixth ? she saw that the ala had taken off her head and was delousing it, while wearing a horse?s head in its place. After that, the ala brought lunch and said to the woman, ?Eat, kuma.? [21] ?How can I eat after I saw a poker and a broom fighting in the first room?? ?Eat, kuma, eat. Those are my maids: they fight about which one should take the broom and sweep.? ?How can I eat after I saw human arms and legs in the second and third rooms?? And the ala told her, ?Eat, kuma, eat. That is my food.? ?How can I eat, kuma, after I saw the sixth room full of blood?? ?Eat, kuma, eat. That is the wine that I drink.? ?How can I eat after I saw that you had taken your head off and were delousing it, having fixed a horse?s head on yourself?? The ala, after hearing that, ate both the woman and her child.

With a lil note , Ala ( or Ale used more common is chtonic slavic demon , belived to be Dragons sister , of revolting apearance of serpent body with horse head , that leads stormy clouds to crops and destroyes them
According to Slavic folklore and craft in no case ala will reward ppl but in this tale is shown so , simply to fit under fairy tale category ).

I laughed hardly each time I have read : Eat kumo , eat lol

term explanation:
Kuma - a female that helps to babtize certan person ( in Spain or Latin America La Madrina ), or a Godmother
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