Notes on colour

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Notes on colour
Post # 1
These are my notes on the Symbolic Meaning of colours This makes great reference for candle or rune magick.

White: White is the colour of the moon, It holds all of the colours of the spectrum. White can be used for almost any purpose it symbolizes moon, snow, cold, freshness. White is the Goddess, Lunar energy, spirituality, peace, purity, higher self, virginity, meditation, truth, calmness, happiness, consecration rites, new beginnings the crown chakara and Imbolc, It Is Great For Illusion.

Black:Black represents the god, Normally used to banish evil or negativity. When used in meditation having a black candle can help enter deeper states of consciousness.
Used in crone magick for banishing, protection, repelling negativity and mourning. It symbolizes space and the universe associated with Capricorn. The colour of saimhain

Grey: Used to Neutralize negativity in the physical world

Blue: Blue is the colour of the element water. It can help with Spiritual understanding and enhancement (hidden knowledge, psychic ability, creativity) and is usually associated with Honor, loyalty, devotion, reassurance, peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral projection). the colour of the throat chakara. Along with black it can help mend broken things (e.g Egos or Bones).

Royal Blue: This Deeper Blue is used Mainly For Protection And Power.

Purple: This colour symbolizes the Divine. Third eye magick, spiritual power, psychic ability and protection, hidden knowledge, clairvoyance, judgment, wisdom, independence. Promotes healing, peace, success. Zodiac association: Sagittarius. Third Eye Chakra. Samhain (honoring the dead).

Lavender: Helps to invoke righteousness within onself, asking favors for others.

Red:Life, energy, strength, passion, anger, bravery, pride, lust, sexual passion, love, birth, power, vitality, courage, magnetism, career, survival. Used in fertility rites and aphrodisiacs, also in defensive magick. Red is the colour of the Element of Fire. Zodiac association--Scorpio. The Root Chakra. Yule, Beltane, Litha.

Pink: Used in spiritual healing, associated with love, Maturity, caring, nurturing, peace, compassion, planetary goodwill, Honor, feminist, friendship, fidelity, morality, household protection. Being less intense than red, it is symbolic of the gentler emotions. Zodiac association: Libra. A mauve shade is associated with Taurus. The Heart Chakra. A pale pink is associated with friendship and matters concerning young girls.

Orange: A lesser aspect of red; stimulates energy. Control, power and success. Zodiac association: Leo. The Belly Chakra. Samhain.

Yellow: Symbolic of the Sun, grain, the power of thought, movement. Inspiration, intelligence, memory, mental clarity (imagination, breaking through mental blocks) charisma, charm, confidence, self-esteem, divination, communication, eloquence, travel. Used in psychic meditation. Yellow is the colour of the Element of Air. Zodiac association: Gemini, Virgo. The Solar Plexus Chakra.

Brown: Represents the soil and holds the energy of the earth. Rituals to improve concentration and telepathy, locate lost objects, protection for your pets. Common sense, home, grounding, mental power, influence, friendship, animals. Mabon.

Gold: Used is rituals to Honor the deities. Attract the powers of cosmic influences. Wealth, happiness. Lammas.

Silver: Remove negativity, encourage stability, attract the influence of the Goddess. Zodiac association: Cancer.

Green: Symbolizes fertility, abundance, life itself. Used in rites and spells involving fertility, success, good luck, money, ambition, also to counteract greed and jealousy. Green is the colour of the Element of Earth. Zodiac association: Capricorn. The Heart Chakra. Yule, Ostara. Darker greens are helpful with Agriculture, finance and regeneration. Lighter greens are used with weather magick

Copper: Spells and rituals dealing with financial goals, professional growth, business matters, career choices

Hope these are helpful ciao.

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