I have a problem

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I have a problem
Post # 1
Ok, I really hate to do this, since it sounds so cliche, but I am just about at my wits end. I am looking for first a rational, real world explaination, then secondly a supernatural explaination. Gods this is so stupid...

Ok, so I had a dream about a vampire. Had them before, no big deal.... and then I dreamed about the same vampire again. And again. And have continued to since that first. In the dream she fed on me as a vampire of lore would.

Since then though and getting stronger every time, I have been feeling nauseous in sunlight and I am always thirsty and hungry. When I eat and drink it doesn't taste right and leaves me still hungry and thirsty. When I think about my hunger, the only thing I crave is.... blood. It's really becoming quite distracting at this point.

I should note, for the record, I have never really believed in "vampires" (except psychic vampires) and have never had something like this.

I have tried various supplements and pills, thinking perhaps it was an iron deficiancy or the like. Something my body is telling me I need, that blood would contain, but to no avail.

So at this point I think I have either a strange medical condition or I am going insane. Either one is possible. Any other thoughts on this? I plan to see my doctor ASAP about it, though I am not quite sure how to phrase it without ending up in a nut house.
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 2
Psyhic vampires can project themselves into other peoples dreams and feed psychicly on them.. I doubt that this is what is happening to you.. The Mind is a very powerful thing you could be thinking these changes...

Try a simple cleansing and see what happens
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 3
If this is not images of the mind (which i hope it is ) You do a banishment. Or a proper manipulation of psi. A good practitioner should know how 2 use it. Its the very foundation of where both practitioners of both faery-craft and witchcraft.
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Re: I have a problem
Post # 4
srry to go off topic, but whats feary-craft?
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