help required pls

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help required pls
Post # 1
back in August me and my long term girlfriend broke up over the fact that she had cheated on me, now as you can understant things got really ugly we had a real falling out, under all circustance. At the time i thought sod it, drop her like a stone and forget about her move on i said to my self you deserve better.

so time passed - mainly 3 months, over that period of time i kept thinking of her and all the mean things i said over that situation, my pride was hurt, and i acted like a monster towards her said a lot of things that i did not mean but because of the heat of the moment i ended up behaving like an ass.

As i said over time i thought about it and started to look inwords in side my soul,mind and heart, and she is still very much alive in all of them. I keep saying to me that i should of been much more understanding and instead of helping her and put my harms around her and say we will work through this together i let go and gave in to pride and silliness.

I love her dearly more that anything in this world i can not describe this in words how much.
So while i was getting on with my life here in london - she took a job in the north of england and she moved away from me we have totally lost contact here. I, on my part did all i could to re-connect with her calling her and sending flowers i wrote her love poems infact i wrote 86 love poems for her. never received so much as reply to anything i sent her. I gather that now she is involved with someone else.
As i said over time i looked inside me to see if this woman was worth all i had inside me and the answer that came to me in a sleepless night was a massive yes. I afto do whatever it takes to make her see that i was wrong in letting go and above all also make her see that i saw the error of my ways in every sense.

This is where i started to look for information on love magik,love spells,and anything else to do with the subject in hand. Belive you me this is not some poor old bitter guy that needs to have his ex back just because, this is me looking in the mirror and see the man that has hurt and pushed away the woman that i loved more that life its self. Hence why you see me not having any fear in undertaking this road since i see no horizon here without her by my side (sounds silly to say) But deep in me i feel that we are soul mates. I have had the chance to be touched by love a few times in my 36 years of life on this earth.

Out of total desperation - my search begun to find a love spell or a spell caster to assist me in this crusade to bring her back in my life, having done research almost day and night on the net most of the findings are some what silly to say the list, we go from people that promise a miracle to those who just say well love magik or spells do not exist here so tough mate.

I have had a few spell casters did some work on my behalf but its fair to say that not withstanding the fact that i was asking the right question and they replied with some genuine responses. I'm afraid that they brought nothing but a placebo effect, since after promissing a positive result they have delivered nothing. The only thing that there where interested was asking for more money on a costant basis.

Good old fashion scammers - since after enlisting the help of the 2 spell casters just by pure chance i was on a website called and saw with my own eyes how many people they have scamed out of money and hope only to enrich their own pockets.

So i took the route of performing a love spell my self - again my lack of practise & know how - left a lot to be desired here, and the spell that i found on the i/net was to no avail - since it bore no results. I know that things do not happen over night but by the same token one can tell or feel if you will get a positive result on the situation and during the working i felt nothing, so with a heavy heart i started to look again to understand where it or i had gone wrong and if i could speak or seek the help of people that have true knowledge on the matter and here i am standing and not afraid to risk all i have and more to have the woman i love passionatly and with conviction. I have no fear of what could possibly come my way in terms of Karma since i feel that i have lost more than what i ever took here.

I belive that deep in her heart there's a trace of me that still lives and prospers, but she has shut me out for better of worse i do not seam to get through.

I respect the view that one should not seek to harm anyone by doing a love spell with a specific person in mind, or to manipulate their free will - but i'm left with no other chioce here forgive me. if it can be done then i will do it. All is fair in love and war - and this is love and therefor i will do whatever it takes to have her back in my harms and to give her whatever life/time i have left on this earth. I will use what ever tool is out there to seek the return of her, i shall be diligent on this - my will is strong but my heart bleeds with each day that goes by.

i'm writing with my heart here all of this comes from inside of me and if it sounds horrible and mean pls forgive me, i'm looking at the sky and not seeing any answers.

Ps sorry for the long post

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Re: help required pls
Post # 2
I was reading this, I got to the end of the first paragraph and realised that I didn't care in the slightest. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have such an epiphany!!!
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Re: help required pls
By: / Adept
Post # 3
I've written some articles on love spells and reconciliation work. You may want to check my blog out for some guidance:

Look under the tabs for love and also reconciliation. Best of luck.
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