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Post # 1
Subject : hello
Message : I have noticed that you are currently not registered with any coven. I am a priest on this website and was wondering if you would be interested in joining my own coven. The coven's name is Magick Omitting Bias. It is centrally focused around looking at things (mostly magick, but this can apply to anything in life) from all viewpoints and thus rejecting bias formed by certain religious dogma and other forms of bias in general. The coven isn't the largest but with more people(possibly yourself) i'm sure the coven will grow and prosper with time. Currently there is a possibility of council positions and a possible priestess position with time. Most of the articles in the coven have been written by me but there are a few by the council members as well. The coven's main goal is to gain knowledge from various aspects of life and from all viewpoints, thus increasing ones own potential. For a more full overview please visit the front page of my coven where I have compiled a brief overall goal statement. To reach the coven page please click on my name that will bring you to my profile where the coven can be easily accessed by clicking it's name which is directly under "Last Seen" on the profile page. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your possible application.

Would you consider this spamming, or not. He is sending it only to people without being in a coven. Roverrider thinks it is and is trying to get TheCrimson in trouble for it.
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Re: Spamming?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
i think that is someone trying to boost their coven numbers. It could be called spamming, but you only ever get one message then that is all it is, a message from a priest asking you to join his coven
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Re: Spamming?
Post # 3
no that isnt spamming, its more like soliciting, if he were to send it again then you can consider it as spamming, but ya hes only trying to boost his numbers and his coven must not be too great if it cant get members just from reputation of the members and others wanting to join him alone.
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