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Admin, Mods, etc.
Post # 1
This thread is not to diss them, it's to set the record straight.

Allot of people think the Mods are just a few straws short of being Administrators, others actually think they are the same thing. The truth is, unless this site is different from others, the Admin is basically like the Priest of this site and the Mods are like the Council Members when both are compared to the Covens. Their are, of course, slight differences, but read this and learn what they are all capable of.

Capable of choosing the lay-out for the site, what certain parts say, who joins, who is removed, what posts are removed, what Covens are removed, who becomes a Mod, who loses their Moderator status, what pages will exist or be removed, what will be on those pages, and perhaps a few other things I forgot to mention. He is not a God and does not have the power to do ANYthing with this site, he just has a variety of options. Naturally, the Administrator can do everything a Mod or regular member can do.

Capable of deleting/removing posts, banning/gagging members, deleting/removing threads, and of course they can make their own posts or threads. This list isn't as long as some people might have thought it would be, huh? I might have forgotten a thing or two, but I'm sure a helpful Mod will post it in this thread if it needs to be posted.

Capable of setting up the main page and icon for their Coven, making spells within the Coven, removing spells within the Coven, making rituals within the Coven, removing rituals within the Coven, editing rituals/spells within the Coven, removing members from the Coven, promoting members within the Coven, and removing/adding posts within the Coven.

Council Member-
Capable of making posts within a Coven, adding spells/rituals within a Coven, and if I remember correctly they can remove spells/rituals from the Coven as wells as certain posts. To be honest it has been awhile since I was a Council Member, so I can't remember exactly what they could do either.

If there are any corrections that need to be made, please feel free to state your knowledge here, but also notice the main point.
Just as the Priest controls only his Coven to a certain degree, the Admin controls only this site and his options are limited as well. Just as the Council Members only help the Priest/Priestess within a Coven, the Moderators help the Admin with this site. They do not control this site, they can not change this site, they can only keep order and make sure people obey the rules.

I hope this helps some of you who weren't sure what the Admin/Mods could do and I hope this puts an end to some of the bogus requests I have heard about.
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Re: Admin, Mods, etc.
Post # 2
Capable of deleting/removing posts, banning/gagging members, deleting/removing threads, and of course they can make their own posts or threads.

That's all we can do Ragnorok. We have very strict guidelines as to what we can delete and who we can ban or gag. Pet keeps us all in check if a mod is caught stepping out of line they are corrected and if that doesn't work they loose their modship for it if it get's too bad. Thanks for posting this btw, i think a lot of people don't understand what a mod is completely capable of doing
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