Circle of Protection?

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Circle of Protection?
Post # 1
Hey does anyone know a spell that will protect out wiccan meeting place??

The 'shack' in the woods is a one that can fit 3 desks, and 3 chairs, and one medium sized cauldron in the middle. Above each desk is shelves. On the shelves are herbs and books. Anyway to the outside. The Shack has two windows and a door. The door has a hung Penticle on it. Around the shack Me and my coven planted rose bushes. So anyway...

Do you know a good circle of protection I could use, And if so do you know A charm i can put on the door where the penticle is hanging from? Lol, I need some information to protect our study... We love hanging out there and talking about wicca and actually practicing in an isolated place. If anyone broke in or caught it on fire, I would be sad.
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Re: Circle of Protection?
Post # 2
A simple thing i do that works with protecting my home is i have a statue of Anubis and i light him some incense and a purple or black candle and say "lord anpu please protect my home" you can just Substitute our meeting place in or our shack whatever works its quite powerful and simple i can feel his presence when i do it
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Re: Circle of Protection?
Post # 3
Salt....lots and lots of salt to put a circle around the shack or the area that you will be working in. OR you can always do a protection spell, OR you can do both...never hurts to have a little can use pictures, talismans, rune carvings...angelic script...just about anything that is related to what you are trying to do.
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Re: Circle of Protection?
Post # 4
try poisoned plants.:) i love that trick.just feed very small amounts of poison,acid,or something nasty as the plant grows soon it will be able to really mess someones day up.
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Re: Circle of Protection?
Post # 5
i just think he's aiming to protect his sacred space or sacred shack lol posionous plants could be planted for protection i would suggest again planting them for intentional harm to another person..
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