How to meditate

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How to meditate
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Firstly before you start the mediation you need to get rid of all the creaks and groans in your limbs, so stand up and rotate your head (clockwise) at least three times, now go back the other way. Continue this till you feel your neck and shoulders are free from stress and aches and pains. Now shake out your arms from the shoulders one at a time, till the arms and shoulders feel loose. Work down the torso and bend the spine up and down, twist this way then that way, to make sure all the knots are gone. Lastly, shake out one leg at a time till they feel loose.

Switch off all TV, Radio's cellphones, make sure your babies are taken care of, animals comfortable - and lastly you must feel comfortable, wear loose clothing, nothing tight and restrictive. Are you warm enough, or cool enough, do you need a drink, have you been to the loo, and if you need to cough, cough now.

Sit down in a comfortable spot in your sacred space, where ever that is, and now I am talking about the physical sacred space, where you normally meditate, and know it is private and there is NO chance of any interruption. As you sit down make sure you are comfortable, and nothing is prodding you. Give your body one last stretch in all directions, and let your mind drift. Slowly but surely rid your mind of all the yammer yammer, or yadda yadda, that goes on. Quiet it down knowing you are not running away from your thoughts, just putting them on hold for an half an hour to an hour, so it is not important to have them bounce off your skull at the moment! Tell them you will get back to them later. When the last "busy" thought as quieted down, breather deeply, in and out till you feel your chest relax, and the breathe coming easily.

Now see yourself at the doorway to another sacred space, and instead of leaving your bag of worries at the door, take it with you. Make sure the cord on the bag is secure you don't want to release yet, and walk slowly to-wards the sacred forest.

See yourself in a clearing in a wood. The deep green of the forest is sacred and protected, feel the warm softness of the green grass under your feet, still warm from the sun. Smell the forest of pine and oak and know everything is at peace, even the birds are silent in reverence to your meditation. As you sigh with contentment see a flicker of light as a small flame or pin prick of light just beyond your vision, out of the corner of your eye. As you sit and wait the light gets bigger and you feel excitement to know your guide is walking to-wards you to accompany you on this journey. Feel the joining of your energies as you hug and feel total safety as your guide takes your hand. Now see yourself walking down the path to-wards the sound of water, feel the excitement grow within you as it starts to fill your senses, and as you round the last bend you feel the sacred mist on your face and you breathe out in bliss and contentment. Spend a moment at the rivers edge feeling the sun on your face, and the soft mist lightly kiss your cheek.

Slowly take out your bag of worries and walk slowly into the gentle flowing river, knowing you are perfectly safe, and that the water will only touch your thighs and no further. Wait for a moment as you feel the warmth of the smooth round stones on the river bed, and feel the welcoming steam surround you and go on its way, gently flowing in a mirror of diamonds of blue and green, with sparkles of white diamonds everywhere, and know it is well.

Now reach into your bag and take out the smallest of worries, the tiniest one and in your minds eye see the worry written onto rice paper. Slowly lower you hand into the water with the rice paper and say I release you as you are no longer a concern of mine, and I forgive myself for not trusting the river of life to flow through me. I now trust that I will have confidence in myself to forfill my needs. Blessed be. As you say this there is a flash of gold light and the rice paper slowly dissolves and begins its journey down the river. Turn so that you do not watch the golden light on its journey, but be aware it has changed and will transform into healing energy for you.
Now reach into your bag and take out the next worry, and see it written on rice paper, and be aware that all is possible in this plane of existence where you create your reality. Slowly lower your hand into the water with the rice paper, and say I release you as you are no longer a concern of mine, and I forgive myself for not trusting the river of life to flow through me. I now have confidence in myself to fulfill my needs. Blessed be. As you say this a flash of gold light and the rice paper once again dissolves and begins its journey down the river. Turn once again so that you do not watch the golden light, but be once again aware that it has changed and will transform into healing energy for you. Continue taking out all you worries until the bag is empty, then through the bag into the air and say I am free, I am free to walk a path of joy, I am free from self-doubt, I am free from self hatred. As you watch the bag it burst into a brilliant gold light and slowly drifts down into the water and drifts away.

You hear the sound of a waterfall, turn to-wards the waterfall and take your guides hand as you approach the waterfall, then walk slowly into the waterfall. Be aware that the water is millions of vibrating molecules of pure light and prisms of sheer beauty as they tumble gently onto your face and down your body. Feel the last of the tension leave you, and know you are changed and now have the courage to meet the world head-on, you have the confidence to be you. Slowly leave the water and retrace your steps to the magical door, where you entered, and as you turn to embrace your guide you hear the birds singing softly again, mixed in with the smell of the sacred forest.

Step through the doorway, back into your own sacred space, and be aware that as you waken and slowly open your eyes, a solution to even the most troubling problem will have presented itself, as well as when you sleep this night you will be made aware of everything else. Sit in peace and contentment for a few minutes, and light a candle of thanks and gratitude for the wisdom of releasing yourself! Blessed Be!
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