anymore breakup spells

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anymore breakup spells
Post # 1
HI. i am a soft butch and right now, i am in the middle of nowhere. just found out that my partner has cheated on me. she has fallen in love with sum1 else and she can't let go . i want her back but i don't know if its d right thing to do. she also wants us to be back i said, she can't let go of the other "one". complicated? yeah.. right... in the middle of nowhere.

the other party has gone abroad and im aware that they still communicate. i want toknow if there are any spells that would let them have less talk and slowly their relationship would fade away. dont want to mean any harm to either of them. i want the other party to look for another girl to fall in love with and stay there and forget my partner.please help me...
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Re: anymore breakup spells
Post # 2
Well a break up spell is just like a love spell, hard and if you mix up then the karma is on you. I know it might be unfair to agree with what you got here, But just let them be happy and not make two people sad for your own happiness. Of course this is your choice, so if you still want to do it then talk to me, I may have the spell for it.
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Re: anymore breakup spells
Post # 3
Hi my boyfriend was a con-artist, he stole money from me, then when I found out he moved in with another person from abroad. I really want or wish to make him pay for what he has done to me. Wish for the lady he has now to break up with him or cheat on him, so he feels what I felt. I don't want him back, I know I sound mean when saying this but would want him to go madly in love with me that he'd return to his country. Only to know he'd stay alone for the rest of his days. He has done this to so many women, I mean he told me that he is with this woman because he can't afford the apartment he is living in.
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