What do I have?

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What do I have?
Post # 1
Please bear with me...

I've always told myself that I'm not from this planet,I felt that this body of mine was not really mine...

I have been looking, searching long and hard for something still today I dont know what it is I'm searching for so badly.Anyway thats not what I want to talk about...I deal with a lot of people in my line of work and I love every minute me it,but since I can remember I would look at a person walking by and I would feel a pain not of my own,but of what I believe is of that other person.

Most of the time I can only feel the negative energies of others,but even though I know that the feeling that I'm feeling is not of my own...It feels as if I am living in there body,thats how intensely I feel there emotions. The same as when whom ever tells me of a story that they lived though,I would see it so clearly as if I was there and with that comes the emotions as if I would be in that situation myself.

It even becomes stronger with children where,where I live every emotion with them.

I dont only "feel other peoples pain" but they would look at me and I would be knowing what they are thinking.Not in a sense that I get words from them but in the sense of a feeling,and from that feeling I know what they are thinking...9 out of 10 times I am spot on.

Is this normal? And how do I make it stronger,why do I have this...what and I meant to do with this knowledge?

Thanks for reading,please share if you have the same thing...or anything else.

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Re: What do I have?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I believe you have an empathic ability. It allows you to feel what the other person is feeling. I would not suggest making it stronger, as it seems your ability is already pretty powerful. This ability allows you to help people and I would guess that is what you do or want to do.

Hope this helps
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Re: What do I have?
Post # 3
sux doesn't it? you can turn it on and off if you really focus.gets kind of annoying.if you really wanna be a d-bag try projecting,changing or swapping emotions.:) i do that a lot at work everybody wonders why they feel terrible and i feel awesome.:) just watch as some people namely other empaths can pick up on that and screw with it.
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Re: What do I have?
Post # 4
Learn to push out, push out your own energy into a space around you, this is your safety area which you do not let other influence into, the more you push out the less you will be effected, only once you push out while drawing in will you get a full link to their energy, emotion etc. but it like all things takes some work, but either work with it and make it something which you can change your life with, or just endure it and put up with others emotions, the choice is there for all.
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Re: What do I have?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I agree it seem you are an empath. Before trying to make it more powerful i suggest you work on toning it down. Your power isn't new but it needs to be perfected in a sense. Right now it is wild and untamed making it dangerous not just to others but also to yourself. Id suggest working on focusing it, most people focus have to make it so that they may see more than just one person, its seems you need to do the oppisite. I had that problem. When trying to surpress it try picturing a box. Once you picture the box picture yourself putting something in it (the something is different for everyone, the something represents your magick, mine is a dark mass...for reasons i wish not to name) putting your magick in the "box" represents pushing it back and gaining control of it, it is quit hard the first time but will become easier with practice, pushing your magick away will not make it disappear forever but the first time you reach for it it may be hard.
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Re: What do I have?
Post # 6
Thanks alot everyone...This has helped me alot and yes I do tend to want to help people alot as I understand what they are going though,and yes there are times that it has put myself in dangerous situations as well as take me out of them.

I have noticed that most of you have said that it is untamed and there for can be dangerous for me,in what way do you mean that?
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Re: What do I have?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Because you either had no knowledge of it or did not know what it was you've not been able to work on it. Everyone has powers some (such as most people on here) choose to use it others (such as those afraid of wiccans and such) choose to surpress it. Those of us whom choose to use it sometimes have to deal with a lot of magick at once and sometimes its hard to surpress. Although you had no knowledge of what it was your power was growing and maturing as you grew but you werent working it, molding it....that is why it can be dangerous
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