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Merry Meet
Post # 1
I am a Solitary Practitioner and also a Hereditary Witch. I know there is a debate about whether or not Hereditary Witches actually exist, but I can tell you they do. As far back as I can trace(use to be into geneology) there were witches everywhere. The teachings, beliefs and practices were all passed down to me. I am married to a Druid. We have to children. Both of them are married and out of the house, so they aren't really children. I have two familiars. I consider myself very lucky to have two familiars that our connection and bound is so tight. They are actually like an extension of myself and I love them very dearly. My husband tells me I love them more than him. Hmmmm!!! When I came to the net, I had several people ask me to consider opening a Witchcraft. They were looking for a group about pure Witchcraft, nothing else. So we all got together and decided what we wanted the group to provide. So back in 2003, I opened Witches Of The Craft on MSN. Our goal was to spread the truth, beliefs and beauty of our Religion. We had almost 2000 members when the group closed due to MSN getting rid of their groups. So we moved to Yuku and started all over. We have been over there since October of last year. It has been an uphill battle all the way. Yuku's Pagan Community has practically dried up. We were the first active group to land there in I don't know how long. We are finally starting to pick up members now. I was roaming the net when I ran across this site. I was excited about it because there are actually Pagans here and they are alive. To me, it is very saddening and depressing to wonder Yuku with all the dead Pagan groups. I was also hoping to meet some new people and make some new friends. I am on and off the site here. There is still quite a bit of work to do setting up my group on Yuku. When everything is done over there, I will be able to spend some more time here. I don't know if I am suppose to do this or not but the way I feel right (down in the dumps). I have also found out the people I once considered friends are not friends at all plus other problems so I guess I am in a depression dump right now. But anyway, if any of you have a moment and would like to come over and visit, I would love to have you. Live Pagans, YIPEEE! I wouldn't know what to do. Well guess I better run for now. I look forward to getting to know each of you. Till then...

Lady Of The Abyss
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Re: Merry Meet
Post # 2
COVEN let me in your coven
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