term "real" spell

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term "real" spell
Post # 1
ever time i go on chatter i hear things like does this spell work or i tryed this spell and it dident work so its got to be fake

as i tell ever one i teach spells you make are made for you. you made them out your own feelings and are made just for you. if you use some one elses spells it has a lower chance of working this is why i dislike spellbooks where all the spells from loads of people are made for loads of diffrent people and finding more than 5 spells that work 100% is not easy

but the term real spell is mostly an oppion some one mit say this spell is stupid and not real but some one else mit try it and it works.

if you put your mind to it any type of spell mit work.

but ending this shortly not ever spell made from some one else will work for you. some days it mit some other days it mit not.

spells made by your self work better and if you find your own spells one day mit not work you mit of made that spell in happy mood and if your in an upset mood it mit change the type of engey you use
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Re: term "real" spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
any spell can work if you have the disicpline to make them.
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Re: term "real" spell
Post # 3
I Must point out that the "turn into a mermaid" and the "become a vampyre" spells ARE fake, but for reasons other than because they were made by someone else.

but on the subject of creating your own spells, SilverRose is right, making your own gives you a higher probability of success.

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Re: term "real" spell
Post # 4
I have to say I agree with Luzifer. All it takes is some common sense to tell which spells are fake and which ones aren't. Writing your own spells does make give you a higher success rate because it's YOUR thoughts, and YOUR energy going into them, not someone else.
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