Casting to soon? Help?

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Casting to soon? Help?
Post # 1

Well... I've been studying since feb. 9. And I've felt a darkend aura among the woods surrounding my house. (I live in the woods).
My mentor and my friends have joined a coven and are being taught at certain paces. Well, currently I'm studying spirits.. and some are more intelligent than others and I knew my simple minor ones that my mentor promited wouldn't cut it. So I waited and waited feeling the presence watching me. Finally, I decided to ask the trees what they were seeing.* They felt the aura too. Or so it seemed. Well, I took my chalice and cleaned it for an hour a day until it finally rained. I took the chalice and danced in the rain giving praise to the lord and lady.** Finally I picked up some water from a puddle and gave some extreme feeling into what I was about to do. I recited "To the lord and lady protect this house." I had to do it over and over sprinkling the water everywhere where someone might go into. I gave intense feeling into it and found I could sleep better and relax... even if i felt someone was watching me, I had faith they couldn't come in.

Anyway back to the reason for this post:
My mentor would be furious that I casted a spell beyond my experience, and wouldn't take in the fact I felt I was being watched... should I tell or not? Lately my mentor has been on the edge of his chair with stress from other coven members. If I did tell do you think he'd invite me to one of the members wiccan ritual? (He's been studying for a year and a day march 21).

*- My Mentor insists the trees are always watching and talking to us, Ex. when the wind blows the trees are signalling us that a presence is near. The trees have eyes and will always help us. :)

**- I am a wiccan studier and I worship the lord and lady. I treat nature with respect.
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Re: Casting to soon? Help?
Post # 2
I think this is a decision you need to make on your own, but if you'd like advice here's mine - Make the decision yourself, based off of what you know, and sometimes it takes a little something extra to push us into the more advanced stuff. Just keep in mind you MUST be careful when doing such things.

Congratulations on having the protection and blessings work, a lot of people usually can't get those to work until about 3rd or 4th try
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