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covens overview
Post # 1
I thought it was a good idea to just stop and look at our covens. So here is the list of our coven's (and group's) areas of expertise and/or areas of interest.
So far we have:

13 all around covens (for any type of magic and similar to that)
9 beginner covens
7 ??? covens (really don't know where to place these)
5 exploring covens (like searching for knowledge of for self)
3 white magic covens (haven't mixed them with angelic or green)
3 satanic covens
3 element covens
3 psychic covens
2 dragon covens
2 combat covens
2 wicca covens (just wicca)
2 shaman covens
2 christian/catholic covens
2 spirit covens
2 healing covens
2 night covens
2 celtic covens
2 necromancy covens
2 restricted covens
1 black magic coven (haven't mixed this with demon of necro)
1 soul power coven
1 green magic coven
1 angelic coven
1 old gods coven
1 energy manipulation coven
1 hidden practitioners coven
1 gypsy magic coven
1 crystal magic coven
1 demonic coven
1 non-human coven
1 gaia coven
1 egyptian magic coven
1 astral projection coven
1 meditation coven
1 summoning coven
1 water magic coven

I just hope people with the idea of making new covens will read this and realize which covens are superfluous.
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Re: covens overview
Post # 2
I did. I was thinking of making an Egyptian coven and I think mine would most likely be allot different from the one that's already there since I didn't find anything like what I was thinking of when I looked, but I might just not go into it now anyways. Besides, I've got the Spirit Seers to look after now.
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Re: covens overview
By: / Adept
Post # 3

I knew there were a lot of questionable covens, but... I'm speechless.

I know i've said this before, but i think the impetus behind the majority of new people forming covens is not to go out and make a difference on the site or to teach a subject they're skilled in - it's for personal power, to have the inflated ego boost of being a priest or a priestess, a title they would never be given in the real world where people can assess one's skills much easier.

(And i do know there are skilled, deserving people who are serving as priest/esses; i'm not saying this applies across the board.)

Thanks for doing this, Faust. It definately puts it in perspective.

You know what would also be interesting would be to have a list of all the covens started by priests/priestesses who are self-professed beginners or are quite young. I've checked some of the priests' and priestesses' bios, and several of them state that they're inexperienced or have only been involved with magic for a year or less.

But to each their own. If you want to be the King or Queen of Spells of Magic, more power to you.
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Re: covens overview
Post # 4
Im glad to see that someone else has been keeping an eye on the new covens offering basically whats already here.

Ive opened a Heka Coven due to the lack of egyptian magick offered on the site, but for some odd reason I have the taste in my mouth that the coven is going to be deleted.

I hope this doesnt happen as im willing to put my all into this coven, not just for me but for everyone who has the interest in the ancient egyptian.

Well done again Faust, good reading and its well presented.
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Re: covens overview
Post # 5
Yes i do notice there are many covens here which dont have experienced pries/priestess..I personally feel that people who join these covens might get misled and go into rong hands..
We being mods should take care of anything bringing harm to site or it`s people..
I suggest that there should be proper care to choose which covens should stay!!
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Re: covens overview
Post # 6
Well said Parul, maybe there should be a cap on how many covens can teach what and how.

I didnt open Throne Of Isis in a split second thought. I sat and thought about it with great respect for everyones needs.
Ive studied Heka and the Egyptians for just over 3 years and wanted to share one of my passions as well as White Magick that ive studied for longer.

We all cant called ourselves ~experienced~ in magick as we all learn everyday and still finding our way in life.

Suppose everyone should begin to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY and LEARN before even applying to bring a new coven to this site.
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Re: covens overview
Post # 7
thanx rosie..exactly..we still know somehow much if not everythning about what we teach..but i`ve seen people who are absolutely new tomagick being pries and`s weird and unfair!!
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Re: covens overview
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
well im glad mine has remained one of a kind. i think that thee people whom have the covens in the bulk groups should look through theirs and either delete it, or pick a way that the coven should go that is specific.
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Re: covens overview
Post # 9
correnction only 2 satanic covens now.......satanshost's coven, the adversary has been banned.......
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Re: covens overview
Post # 10
There are covens changing on daily basis. That's why I wrote: So far we have...
There should be only one satanic coven as far as I'm concerned; NekroN's.
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