I don't know how to start

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I don't know how to start
Post # 1
I don't know how to start out with the meditating and the spells. So I want to hear everybody's experience. I know know that everybody is different and the way they start are different, but I think it will be a good help for starting. I really are serious in magic. And I also think it will be a good time to get started with the meditating. Thank you.
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Re: I don
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Hi Fireshana,
I've seen you post two questions that both had to do with how does one start out. They're good questions, but why don't you consider joining one of the reputable teaching covens expressley created for training beginners? There you should get a whole program of studies so you wouldn't be learning all by yourself.

You'd also be guided by experienced teachers. You never know the trustworthiness of some of the strange "advice" given by the general public on a forum.

There are also surely some good books out there. When i was a teenager i got my start from The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. I practically memorized it word for word.
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Re: I don
Post # 3
Thank you Ldygry.
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Re: I don
By: / Novice
Post # 4
The way I learned meditation was to read about it online. I am not a fan of the lotus position when meditating as it hurts my back. So I lay down. I pretty much do better meditating that way! As ldygry said, to join a coven that is a teaching coven as well :)
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Re: I don
Post # 5
Yes, research as much as possible, I even started a Book of Spells, and its not just spells, I am currently studying everything, one thing at a time. I wrote a list and its a very very long list of things I need to study and things i already know and little by little I can fill my book up. I mean my list has various things, everything really. So it is going to take awile but practice makes perfect and the more you read up on things and learn how the more you will understand. Also look on you tube, maybe?? Type in meditation, there are tons of videos that show you how to. And also you can see other videos of other things as well, but use common sense while looking at the videos, some are really good and some dont know what the heck they are doing. Good luck on your journey.
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Re: I don
Post # 6
First, the way i started out was by talking to no one or rather myself. and from there I read books about it, but all got was verses that talk as if you should already know this.
and the way I see it is that most people already know how, they just didn't know what it was called. meditation really is h=just connecting with the powers that be, and placing things in perspective. and how does one know if you have connected to (spirpit) is after such a session you feel light and more relaxed. from here you can go further and spend hours talking to (spirit). I know i have :) bye bye
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