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Post # 1
Hello everyone. Im new here. I have just started my journey. I hope it will be a peaceful one but who knows. My journey started a week ago when I went to an herb/mineral shop. I was sick and my boss told me I should try some natural remedies because he doesnt believe in medication from doctors unless your leg is chopped off. Anyways i went in looking for some silver and the lady said she noticed something different about me. She told me to come back the next day in the afternoon when she wasnt busy because she wanted to try something. I wasnt sure about it but i told her i would anyways. I went bake the next day and she wanted to do some meditation excersises with me. I told her i didnt know how to meditate but she said thats ok because she thought it would come natural to me. I sat down with her and she explained how to do it and so i tried. With in a few seconds of starting the excersise she asked if i was ok and i said yea why? she said i had stopped breathing for a few seconds and she asked what i saw and i told her i saw the only way i could describe it to be as if someone was changing the channels on the tv realy fast. she asked if i believed in magic and i told her maybe im not sure im open to just about anything. She told me she wanted me to practice meditating for a week and come back next week and while im working on meditation to do some research in magic. she told me she was a wiccan and that she would like me to come back and help me grow my powers that i may have. What do you guys think? Im interested. do you think she is a fake and I am getting screwed?
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Re: Hi
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Welcome to SOM, I am glad that you have chosen to start your journey here with us. I am sure you will meet many interesting and helpful people. I dont think she was lying to you but then I was not there. This is one of those times I would say trust your own instincts. I also agree with your boss, I do not believe in taking medicine unless it is life or death. I much prefer the herbal cure, every medicine that the ancient people used came from our mother the Earth, so why not trust in her now.
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