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Shaman's Way
Post # 1
Hello everyone. It has been a very long time since I have been here and I apologize to everyone deeply. I have hit a phase of death and rebirth in my life and I have realized that I have ignored my duties for a long time. College has changed me a bit and I now finally after a whole semester broke out of bad habits and have returned. Just as I have, I want to revive the coven of Shaman's Way. After a huge amount of mail, I deleted every message and I am restarting. All positions list in the offices are up for grabs. I am now looking for a new priestess and a select number of council members. I want to return the coven to its previous state. I apologize once again to all previous members. You have reason to dislike me or even to ignore me. I do not blame you if you distrust me. This will be a new start and I hope that this site will share in making it a good one.

Aplications open for every position. Please mail me your experience and reasons for wanting the spot. If you have currently applied and sent me mail, I apologize for having to delete it and ask that you please send a new version. I hope to recieve a positive response, but I will expect the worse and will not blame anyone but myself. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Shaman
Post # 2
Welcome back my old friend . You were truly missed
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Re: Shaman
Post # 3
Thank you! I'm so happy to be back and I plan to stay.
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Re: Shaman
Post # 4
In Shamans Way, we dont require that you be Native American. However we do require that you be honest about who you are. I do check out the applicants so never think that you can copy something from the Internet and post it on your profile and not think that I want find out. All we ask is that you is yourself. I wonder what is it that a person feels that they have to hide when they have to copy and paste a bio on their profile. Why do people feel that they have to be someone other than themselves? Whatever the reason may be it will not be tolerated in Shamans way. Just be yourself and let us love you. The real you

High Priestess Jess
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