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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> HELP & ADVICE ON a Spell

Post # 1
Hi, I have just joined the site so Hello. I have cast quite a few spells in the past year - some very successful some not. I mainly try and cast good spells.

Sorry If my post is going to be long ....But I have a reason for please stay with me.

My husband is a very wicked wicked man. He has made my life and my children's life a misery over the years. Before you say go to a Womens aid place, I am in a country where that is not an option. I have tried talking counselling, friends to speak to him - being nice, casting good spells but deep inside he is evil to the bone. He controls all our money and what we eat do, how we think,. He has a terrible temper fuelled by drink. We dare not defy him and we have to live frugally whilst he spends his money on others. We never have a day's happiness. We are cold, hungry, we have no fun, I am not able to buy my children good clothes or take them to the park things like that are not an option. We have to be ready to wait on him hand and foot and do his bidding day and night. Divorce is not an option here either although I have tried, believe me over the years I have tried. I have thought long and hard over this and in a dilema.....My life has been ruined - I don't want to get to the end of my life and say I had not a day's happiness, I don't want to look back and my children be grown up and say we never saw mummy smile or had any fun in our lives. If you have never experienced anything like this then it can be hard to understand. Until it happened to me I did not imagine that people acted towards others in life like this.

I have read the Death Spell which comprises of the bag of water and freezing. I have sat and meditated on it and given it lots of thought. For weeks I know about three fold - what you give out you get back...but believe me life is terrible and it gets worse daily. We have years to go to my children are grown up. As I say I have tried all legal routes and human nature routes and alternative ideas. I do not see this as a quick fix - but a chance to free myself. I don't believe my life on earth was meant to be spent in terror and fear everyday - nor do I believe that my children should also feel the same.

If it worked I would be freeing my own spirit and my children's. Is it wrong ? I keep telling myself you have to do something to help your children and change the course of your life. This is something I do not take lightly, hence writing to you all. I am not a nasty person, I am a very placid person, but I feel that I must do something. I have always tried to help others in my life and now I must try and find a way off freeing us. I know I must protect myself, but I would welcome some advice on here from other spell casters. Has anyone any experience of a death spell working ?

I thank you for your time in reading my post. And hope I may be able to one day repay your kindess in replying to me. I send you good wishes and thoughts for your kindness.
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Re: HELP & ADVICE ON a Spell
By: / Adept
Post # 2
First ask yourself this: If you could kill him and not get caught, would you do it? (Don't tell us!) If you would, then you'd be prepared to do a death spell.

The freezer spell is not a death spell. It is a spell to "put someone on ice," to have their behaviors cease, to keep them out of your hair, to prevent them from being harmful. You may want to consider it as a first resort to see if it helps.

Just a word of adivce: most of the spells on this site are completely worthless and foolish. I certainly would never trust such an issue to a spell gotten from this site. You may want to research others.
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Re: HELP & ADVICE ON a Spell
Post # 3
what do you mean your in a country where there are no women's centers ? what country are you from ?
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Re: HELP & ADVICE ON a Spell
Post # 4
LdyGry gave the best advice, and I echo Pan--what country are you in?
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Re: HELP & ADVICE ON a Spell
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Thanks, Aelwyn.

She was sent off on another internet direction. In her PMs to me she said she would rather not share her location - with me or the board - most likely for privacy sake and/or her own comfort. I was curious too.

Blessings upon free countries where women are treated like legal equals and where divorces are available.
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Post # 6
And I will add a Big Amen to that my Lady!
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