a important lesson

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a important lesson
Post # 1
greetings my fellow magic users, i have come to share with you a important lesson which you should always keep in mind and understand to its fullest thus this is life, death and existence in my accordance.
Throught martial arts training a man learns to use his body as a weapon, throught weapon training a man learns to use weapons and throught magic training a man learns to use his soul and mind as weapons, the 3 principles of combat training, the body is a tool, the weapons are tools and the mind is a tool, one have to train to be able to use them, nothing comes automaticly in life, if ya want power you have to work for that power else you will never be able to wield the power, any man can pick up a tool and start using it but its only throught training and experience a man may learn to wield it correctly, if one tool doesnt fit you pick up another one.

Life is like a piece of soil and you are its farmer, you have to use the tools you got and grow crops on the soil if ya are to survive in this world, everything we grow upon this soil is our experiences and teachings, the soil last for a mans lifespan untill winter comes and it will wither away but after the winter a new life takes place and its time to grow new crops once again on this soil of life, this is the reincarnation of man, the crops are our memories and while they wither away at death the soil itself remains unchanged able to tell the tales of what have been grown upon it.

This is a important lesson to take in and understand, life and death is a change of seasons on the soil of life, for new memories to grow the old must wither away throught death but keep in mind that the soil never forgets because we as a existence is the soil itself, we learn from what grows upon us and thus we are a constant cycle of reincarnation where we will always face each spring ready to take on the new fresh crops of life, this wisdom i share with you because its important above everything else, this is the truth to life and death.

take this lesson to your hearts, understand it thus this is the lesson of life i have provided you.

Levithan Ignatius Magni Cresce

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Re: a important lesson
Post # 2
Very well put. I could not agree more.
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Re: a important lesson
Post # 3
ye levithan, must agree .....u did a wonderous job
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Re: a important lesson
Post # 4
Thank you for your wisdom ur awesome ^_^! Did I sound too childish? Whatever doesn't matter.
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Re: a important lesson
Post # 5
"All that comes from suffer is suffering,in another form.That is nature of mind trapped in worldy perception,self thought and its duality."

The cycles exist.They run nature,not souls.

Soul should be free from cycle and karma,thus they must have no soil,tools,seasons as those of nature.But rather more khaos cycle.

Oneself is soul.

One mind is one trap.One "i" is one trap.A false tool of pure will residing in oneself.

Oneself reached by emptiness.That is all.
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