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The Immortal's Keep
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have descided to make a new coven. The Immortal's Keep focuses on the Gods and Goddesses. Many people have turned away from the beliefs of the Old Gods Such as Greek and Roman Gods. In this coven i hope to help in the teachings of The Old Gods ways and helping in the worshiping of such Gods. I draw my powers from the Gods and hope to help others do the same thing. If you do not wish to worship the Gods then i think The Immortal's Keep will be a good place to at least learn of Their ways and history. For in learning of history you may find cause for help in the future.
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Re: The Immortal
Post # 2
They may have turned away from those deities because you can trace the roots of one to another. Most of them are just different versions of the same thing that one culture happened to like more then another. Besides that if you want to go back to the "old" gods and goddesses and more then that find the first ones; that would likely (in my opinion) be the Egyptian gods and goddesses. They are at least the first recorded gods and goddesses, but granted that could be due to Egyptians being the first people with a form of written history.
Anyways you can do and believe in whatever you like. We are all free to do so. I just thought I'd add my input.
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Re: The Immortal
Post # 3
here is an article that explains the supremme primal Goddess of the ancients ,that most people forget ..

The primal and supreme deity of the ancient world, the oldest and
most universally worshiped, was the Great Mother, Mother Earth, Mother
Nature. Images of Her date back to Aurignacian Cro-Magnon peoples, from
27,000 years ago, and are found all over the Eurasian continent from Spain
to Siberia. For thousands of years before there were any male gods, there
was The Goddess, and Her worship continued unabated clear up until its
violent suppression by Iron Age patrism. When and where worship of the
Mother prevailed women and Nature were held in esteem. The Chinese called
Her Kwan Yin; the Egyptians knew Her as Isis; the Navajo call Her Changing
Woman. To the Greeks She was Gaia, and to many black peoples She is
Yemanja. She is Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, and She says: "All acts
of love and pleasure are my rituals." She is also the ancient Crone
Hecate,who gives us both wisdom and death.
The Goddess is diversity. She represents both darkness and Light
and Her worship is the reconciliation of opposites. There can be no such
thing as a "Good Goddess" or an "Evil Goddess." Death is part of the
natural cycle as night follows day and we accept it with grace as Her
final gift. The search for Balance is the goal of Her people, and it is
achieved by the acceptance of multiple paths and truths. Dion Fortune
once commented that all goddesses are manifestations of the One Great
Goddess whose identity is as the universal feminine spirit of Nature.
The eldest and greatest aspect of the Goddess is as Great Mother
Nature, the all-encompassing energy of Universal Life. Her womb is the
Quasar, the white hole through which all energy pours into creation, and
Her all-devouring mouth is the Black hole itself through which all matter
is consumed to be reborn once again as between Her thighs the universe is
squeezed from spirit. Her energy then coalesces into Matter-Mater the
Mother of all forms. She ignites, becoming the Star Goddess Nuit, whose
galactic breast is our Milky way. Of Her are born star systems and
planets including, of course, our very own Earth Mother, Gaia.
Because of the diversity of the Goddess, She is seen as manifesting
in many different aspects.

Since the time of the Exodus, 3,500 years ago, Western Civilization
has been pursuing a course that has taken it farther and farther from the
Mother. The three great monotheistic religions of the West, Judaism,
Christianity and Islam, have from their beginning activity suppressed the
worship of the Goddess, and have tortured and brutally murdered millions
of Her people. Today, she is all but forgotten in the hearts of Her
children, and Her body lies raped and ravished in the wake of human
progress. The Goddess is the concept of feminine divinity incarnate. The
denial of feminine divinity results in the oppression of all women,
including Mother Nature.

by Otter and Morning Glory Zell
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Re: The Immortal
Post # 4
Oh and one more thing ..

Primordial Deities
In Greek Mythology the Primordial Deities were the first beings which came into existance and are related to the Greek myth of the Creation. These Primordial Deities consisted of Chaos, Aether, Gaia, Uranus, Hemera, Chronos, Eros, Erebus, Nyx, Ophion and Tartarus.

I think I named them all .. if I didnt .. anyone can add on ..
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Re: The Immortal's Keep
Post # 5
how do you make a coven?
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Re: The Immortal's Keep
Post # 6
id love to join. its just what everyone needs (:
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