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Moon Whisper
Post # 1
Blessed be to all. I am Moon Whisper and I'm looking to meet people who are truly interested in wicca and expanding their abilities. I have been studying and practicing since I was 12 and always on my own. I've never joined a coven and don't know what covens are really like.

I walked away from the pracitices about 7 years ago when I had my daughter and felt, at first, that any bad karma I carried would affect her. I tried to do the common and traditional thing by brining my daughter to a Roman Catholic church. It was how I was origianally raised and even though I never truly belonged or fitted into their religious mold, I continuied to go to hide what I was really doing from my family. Once they learned of who I really was spiritually, they basically persecuted me along with any beliefs I carried. Wicca is a religion that doesn't suffocate me and allows me to be who I truly am. I don't know why I ever left, but I do know that since I've been back I feel right at home with what I'm doing.

I'm hoping to meet new people and learn new ways and paths. I don't practice one way or the other. I believe that all magick has both black and white in all depends on what sits inside you when you are performing the rituals and spells. Since I've been back, I do feel out of the loop and unpracticed. I'm hoping to open my paths and enhance my natural skills and intuitions and become more than I ever was spiritually.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and introduce yourself.

~Blessed Be~
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Re: Moon Whisper
Post # 2
Welcome to the forums MoonWisper it is a pleasure to have you here, I am so excited to see another experienced member join us here.
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Re: Moon Whisper
Post # 3
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Re: Moon Whisper
Post # 4
Welcome,I hope you enjoy your stay
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