summon an archangel ?

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summon an archangel ?
Post # 1
Im really going 2 need some assistance- this "shadow spider" that i stated in my other post doesnt wanna leave- does it think were dating or sometin?anywa im going to need to summon an archangel(michael, gabriel, raphael(not the ninja turtle)uriel,raguel, zerachiel, remiel) or a seraphim to remove whatever the hell this thing is. so what do i need to do to summon any 1 of them? white light i think? ive been watching the tv show SUPERNATURAL alot 2c if i can pick up any ideas. SO PLEASE HELP! THANK U
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 2
~WARNING~Treat this Ritual with the utmost Respect! ~WARNING~

Take a few minutes to relax and when you are ready you may proceed. You will need a Dagger or if you do not have one you may use your index finger. You are going to be tracing Pentagrams in the air, vibrating sacred names of God, and calling upon the Archangels to surround you. You are going to have to visualize these things you do but after much practice you will see the Pentagrams and angels and not have to imagine, because they are really there!

Now... Take your dagger and stand facing the east. Place the dagger in your right hand and follow the next steps.
1. Touch you forehead and vibrate the name (ah-tah).
2. Touch the dagger to your chest and vibrate the name (mahl-koot).
3 .Touch your right shoulder and vibrate name (Vih-G'boo-rah)
4. Touch your left shoulder and vibrate the name (Vih-G'doo-Lah)
5. Fold your hands at chest and point them forward with the dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate (Leh-Oh-Lahm)
6. Keep hands folded and point them up with dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate the word (Amen)
7. Stay facing the east and trace a pentagram as big as you can in the direction that the diagram below shows...

Start here at the bottom left hand corner... Imagine that as you trace this pentagram it is done in blue flame. So you now have a flaming blue pentagram. Thrust at the middle of the pentagram with the dagger and vibrate the sacred name (Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh)
8. From that point trace a single line in white fire to the South. By this time you should be facing south. Each time you trace a new pentagram, make sure that you are facing the direction that you are pointing in. Now that you are facing south, trace a pentagram in blue flame. Thrust at the middle and vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Doh-Nye)
9. Repeat this tracing your line to theWest. Thrust at the pentagram and vibrate the sacred name (Eh-Hehee-Yeh)
10. Repeat once again this time to the North.Thrusting once again vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Glah) Now trace a line back to theEast to finish off the circle.
***You now have 4 blue flaming pentagrams and a circle of white fire surrounding you.***
11 .Stretch your arms straight out to the sides and say...

Before me Ra-Fay-El behind me Gab-Ray-El at my right hand Mih-Chai-El at my left hand Ar-Ree-El around me flames the Pentagram within me shines the six ray star. Visualize theseArchangels standing a good 9 feet tall surrounding you. Believe me, they are there. Imagine seeing this six rayed star shining in the middle of your chest. This star is the Hexagram the same shape as the "Star of David".
12. Repeat steps 1-6 and you are done.
You are now protected by the Power of God and hisArchangels. All spirits that may have been around you are now banished. You are now in the presence of God. If you been conjuring up some type of spirit or have been using the Ouija board, you will want to use this ritual at the end of your Practices. This ritual should be done every day just to protect you and build up yourAura. There are psychic Vampires out there that looking to drain the energy out of the unepexting victim. This is a very simple ritual so memorize it, and do it well

As a thanks I would like a link, or some information on your thread/ about the spider for my own experimental and studying purposes.
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 3
If you could mail me with that information I would be ever so grateful.
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 4
Seraphs are higher beings than archangels and I can assure you won't summon one.
I don't believe you will summon any archangel since you don't have an emergency.

And kody there is no way your spell works.
You need some hardcore christian stuff to summon such a being.
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 5
Kody , where did you get this ritual ?
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 6
All I know is when I use it on myself, It seems to enhance my psionic abilities, from the few experiments I have done. Here's the url:
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 7
well i mean if you are dealing with this, make sure you know what it is. and sence you are calling on the powers of god, why dont you just ask him directly, pray. i got a realy bad feeling about "calling" on the powers of god. he said "were two or three are gathered in my name there am i in their midst" so just get a buddy over and pray about it.
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Re: summon an archangel ?
By: / Adept
Post # 8
Just pray to them.

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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 9
Also faust, will it not work for this particular situation, or is just plain won't work for anything/ is fluffy? If so, that was a waste of ink when I printed it off >.
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Re: summon an archangel ?
Post # 10
your wrong faust.

the belief in angels Predates both christianity and judaism.

so why would "christian stuff" be needed?? cause it has to do with angels, and most of us were taught since birth that "angels work for "god" aka yawheh"?

thats silly! astral entities were around long before any of our childish religions came about.

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