I'd just like to say...

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Forums -> Comments -> I'd just like to say...

I'd just like to say...
Post # 1
Okay, I completely support all your beliefs and whatnot, and I respect them too, so I'm going to try and put this into a non-offensive context.
This website, these spells, you shouldn't follow absolutely everything you're told, because when this happens you're no better than a dog.
I like the fact that we can all speak freely, and share our experiences and "religions" if that's what you want to call them, but with these "spells" (honestly Ive given up on the whole spells concept) it's kinda getting out of hand.
You have to remember what is and isn't possible on Earth and in this universe, etc. Alot of us are turning to Spells to solve all our itty bitty problems, like "This girl doesnt like me" or "my friend and I are mad at each other" or "I have a sliver, tell me only what i need to know so i can benefit myself with this magic and do nothing positive towards society."
Im sorry for that, but that's what I see. We have to remember, that even when we have enough faith to strive forward far enough to reach a "successful spell" that we can control what we have and never overuse it. We have to remember that this "Magick" cannot consume our lives.
It's just my outlook on the issues, and remember not to take that in an offensive context, Because i already know beforehand that some of you will. Not my intention.
*Blessed Be*
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Re: I
Post # 2
um.... well we use our minds everyday and pratice makes perfect i mean when i sued to pratice spells everydya i noticed my magick got stronger and my mind was more open i say it's okay do what ye will as long as it harm none jeezz. and it IS possibel because energy is everywhere and we can miniplate energy
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Re: I
Post # 3
I get what neroignocia is saying, its just that a ton of people start forums on stuff that can be solved with common sense and reasoning. Like neroignacia said a lot of people will start a forum on like "my friend is mad at me, what spell can I use to make them happy with me". You don't need a spell just talk it out with your friend and find out what is bothering them. I could understand why you would do little things with magick/psionics like healing little cuts and stuff becasue that does make you better, but for some things you should just deal with normally, it would be a lot easier than finding a spell to mess with your friends mind so that their happy with you.
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Re: I
Post # 4
Thank you littlewizard
but yea i did go a little over the line.
I know there's energy around us, and I know how to manipulate it (like you suggested, sims) but still. You can't look to Magick to solve your everyday problems. Im not saying it doesnt exist, but I'm just saying some particular things you can't pour all your hope into, because I know how it is to have dreams crushed. Be careful what you base your life around guys.
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Re: I
Post # 5
Perfectly put
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Re: I
Post # 6
Consume, magic is my life, without it, what's the point. It is way
of life, provides growth in all areas and gives life dynamic meaning and purpose it's not just a collection of spells but a
great spiritual awakening and renewal to guide life's purpose!!!
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Re: I
Post # 7
If you set a goal,

You make lists to attain them.

What is the difference between the objectives?


We achieve to mold our world to our visions and goals.

You say some are dogs to this so-called religion. But, I do believe that is a point that you may need re-visiting.

Even with the idea that you just posted. You placed your intention out there to all of us: to mold us to what you find acceptable, to "rescue" us?

I think that once you take down the fearful walls. You realize that all it is would be goal setting and obtaining.

It is my opinion. It doesn't have to be right to all.
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