Needs to Understand

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Needs to Understand
Post # 1
Hello everyone. I'm a new member to this site, less than a week. I joined because I have tried magic before and I never felt anything different. Am I missing something or do I just don't have any talent? Is there a certain mindset before you begin a spell? Is there anyone who can help me?
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Re: Needs to Understand
By: / Adept
Post # 2
No, i think you're experiencing doubts typical to anyone who is just barely starting out. One week is not enough time to make any judgement on your natural abilites or talents. Just compare it to anything you're started out with, let's say learning a new sport - football, for instance. If you had only been playing football for one week, you'd probably still stink pretty badly at it. Same thing for magic.

There's a lot of misinformation out there about magic. TONS of it. There's also a lot of people who fabricate and "color" their experiences, so an earnest person really believes that within a few weeks or months (or even years), they are able to move things with their minds, fight demon wars out on the astral, become a mermaid with a simple chant, and basically solve all of their life's problems with spellcraft. That's just not the case.

Proper study will take years, although it can be a lot of fun and certianly intersting. To be a beginner is not a dirty word in magic. In fact, most people who have been practicing for decades will still consider themselves a beginner. It's the people who call themselves experts that you should be wary of.

My advice - join one of the covens on this site or another that has curriculum for bare beginners and then learn everything with an open heart. Make sure the people running the covens are mature for you don't want to learn from beginners who hold themselves out as adepts - a common phenomenon.

Enough out of me... Best of luck!
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Re: Needs to Understand
Post # 3
yess, good luck, welcome and blessed be, also just like in games certen spells need the right amount of exp inorder to cast them you shure your not doin realy powerful spells?= well i supuse the best magicks to use for newbs(i'm 1 too) would be herb and runic magicks, feel free to mssg me if you got questions!
blessed be the gods!
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Re: Needs to Understand
Post # 4
oh i almost forgot=0 the 2 MOST important things otheer than the spell componants and watnot is the need to to the spell and faith without those you'll proboly suck at magick
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Re: Needs to Understand
Post # 5
A Ladygry said the best thing short of an individual mentor is to join a cove teaching the baicsto begginers.heHealer and I have Just such a coven First Path on this site.
Feel welcome to check out our past experience with magick,and then decide for your self if we should be teaching or not.
If you want,then feel free to submit an aplication to First Path.Peace
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