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Post # 1
I thought someone might like to read these.

Before You Cast a Spell : Understanding the Power of Magic (Paperback)
by Carl McColman
ISBN 9781564147165 / October 2003

Finding Magic : The Teachings of an American Coven (Paperback)
by David Farren
ISBN 9780595165018 / March 2001

LA Witch : Fiona Horne's Guide to Coven Magick (Paperback)
by Fiona Horne
ISBN 9780738710341 / April 2007

Magic When You Need It : 150 Spells You Can't Live Without (Paperback)
by Judika Illes
ISBN 9781578634194 / September 2008

Everyday Magic : Spells & Rituals for Modern Living (Paperback)
by Dorothy Morrison
ISBN 9781567184693 / June 1998

Charms, Spells, and Formulas : For the Making and Use of Gris Gris Bags, Herb Candles, Doll Magic, Incenses, Oils, and Powders (Paperback)
by Ray T. Malbrough
ISBN 9780875425016 / June 1986

Moon Magick : Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells (Paperback)
by D. J. Conway
ISBN 9781567181678 / August 1995

Everyday Moon Magic : Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Paperback)
by Dorothy Morrison
ISBN 9780738702490 / January 2004

Gypsy Magic : A Romany Book of Spells, Charms, and Fortune-Telling (Paperback)
by Patrinella Cooper
ISBN 9781578632619 / February 2002

The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Spells & Magic (Paperback)
by Jane Johnson, Diagram Group
ISBN 9780806918334 / October 1999

Magic Spells and Incantations (Paperback)
by Elizabeth Pepper
ISBN 9781881098218 / November 2001

Healing Myths, Healing Magic : Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions: Reclaiming Our Power to Heal (Paperback)
by Donald M. Epstein
ISBN 9781878424396 / April 2000
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Re: Books
Post # 2
Here's some on psychic abilities.

Fell's ESP Power : A Fell's Official Know-It-All Guide, New Edition (Paperback)
by Jane Roberts
ISBN 9780883910160 / June 2000

ESP for Kids : How to Develop Your Child's Psychic Ability (Paperback)
by Tag Powell, Judith L. Powell, Carol Howell Mills
ISBN 9780914295983 / March 1993

Discover Your Psychic Type : Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition (Paperback)
by Sherrie Dillard
ISBN 9780738712789 / March 2008

Extraordinary Psychic : Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities (Paperback)
by Debra Lynne Katz
ISBN 9780738713335 / August 2008

The Only Psychic Power Book You'll Ever Need : Develop Your Innate Ability to Predict the Future (Paperback)
by Michael R. Hathaway
ISBN 9781598695519 / January 2008

How Psychic Are You? : 76 Techniques to Boost Your Innate Power (Paperback)
by Julie Soskin
ISBN 9780142196038 / July 2002

Heaven and Earth : Making the Psychic Connection (Paperback)
by James Van Praagh
ISBN 9780743227261 / October 2002
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Re: Books
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Thanks Panama!! hehehe
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Re: Books
Post # 4
Atleast you care Sue!!! LOL
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