Advice, Explanation???

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Advice, Explanation???
Post # 1

Throughout my life I have found that certain places or people can ?charge? me. There are places that I can literally lose track of time and self in and come back with so much energy I have trouble focusing, and become jittery. I really don?t know how to explain what it is I feel.

The first distinct time I remember feeling this was when a close friend brought his girlfriend over and she brought out a Tarot deck to read his fortune. I had several other friends over at the time and one of them commented on how the deck was either not cleared or attuned and how it should not be used at all cause it was stolen (I really don?t know if any of that matters). When she started to use it I got the ?charging? feeling I normally get but it was over intense I got to the point where it felt like I was having a panic attack so I went outside and had to walk to clear myself.

I really don?t know if this is anything or what. I just want some advice on what to do if it is something or if it is nothing someone else to confirm it.

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Re: Advice, Explanation???
Post # 2
Stealing is bad, but if the person who got their deck stolen, had done meditation for a while, they wouldn't mind. A deck is just a deck.
I doubt your friend's girlfriend's abilities to use the tarot, if she had to steal the deck..
I have a strange feeling as well, when I'm doing something I don't know that I should have, haven't had that feeling in ages. I suggest to you, to overcome Fear first.
Though I myself use Tarot, there are many ways for divination, the tarot isn't really for "Fortune telling" as such, it's for predicting things if used correctly, and to help others to know what to look out for if they are pursuing something.
I doubt your friend's girlfriend knows how to use the Tarot properly, but I have never met her, so I do not know.
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