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The Council is on!
Post # 1

The Council of Earna is now a coven! go and put in your aplications!

To join put in your application, then message me your Name, age, how long you have been practicing, gender, and your abilities. thank you

The Council of Earna has set out the find those who would best fit the purpose of this coven. We are looking for people who have experience in the art of magic. We will also be training with new spells and some spells from the old world. Those who join will become the Mages. We serve to protect and fight against whatever threatens earth. To join you must be an experienced magic user. newcomers are wanted, but do to the fact that we will be using very advanced magic and don't want anyone to get hurt it will take some time befor we will start accepting and teching the newcomers. It is for the better that way. By joining you have taken and accepted an oath to keep mankind safe. In this coven I will have different types of tasks that you could assign yourself to. I will have people that practice the art of fighting with magic, healing, tracking, and much more. As time goes on you will increase in rank. Once you have reached the highest you will be ready to go off and put to use what you have learned. I will offer White, black, and gray magic, Elemental magic, summoning, healing magic, protecting magic, enchantments, learn to project yourself, telekinesis( and many other types of kinesis's) and alchemy and more.

For those of you that do join I look forward to working with you. Soon the day will come when the world will need saviors, and when that time comes we will be there.

This is my favorite song because I think that it is directly related to what might happen with us. This is what this coven is all about.

Alahoy! alahoy! let's come together now true believers! it seems that once again we find ourselves alive here on this planet, standing here as we do sometimes looking out into that crowd that wants something. yellin out to all those ears something baby. What do those ears bleed for? Hope? Truth? well what if those ears don't like what they hear? what if they decide like many that they are SO free that they don't have to care. and what if my words would not be so pure? seeing the end so many times, only to come back to the beginning, its time for something bigger, its time for something badder than before. its time for the total universe man. Soon the whole of the universe will rejoice into the unknown hallows of itself. Alright true believers! it seems the time has come, i can hear them knocking.... your future is beatin down our door. what are you gonna do? are you gonna sit there? or are you gonna get up and answer it? no ones there! you can't see them, but i know i can help you find them. you gotta take it to the streets. you gotta hunt them down, and you gotta sweat pure energy. Secure the perimeter! sound the alarms and remember one thing, THE DREAMS OF EVERYONE WILL HAVE NEVER HAPPENED IF NONE OF US LIVE ON TO TELL ABOUT IT. alright! let's give em a showdown! -Valient Thorr-

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time.

want to knw more about me go check out my profile everything on there can be taught in the council.

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Re: The Council is on!
Post # 2
Tis is a great coven in deed.Its great for those who have experance in magic combat.
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Re: The Council is on!
Post # 3
We expect mote to join.

So people, think about it.
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Re: The Council is on!
Post # 4

If I may ask, what, exactly, do you expect to protect this world from?

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