your own colour candles

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Forums -> Magic Items -> your own colour candles

your own colour candles
Post # 1
Find a colour candle for ur spell might be pretty hard but if follow my simple steps like in the below ,u can get ur own candle in just minutes.

1. u need wax or redemade candles in white
2. melt the wax or rademade candle
3. after it melted put some colouring that u like and mix it prooperly
4.then after it mixed put it in a clyiber cointainer and let it frezee
5 at last light it and there u go na candle of ur own
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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 2
whats my color do u know???
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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 3
Tad more complicated than that.

First of all if you melt a white candle that has already been used, you still have the metal base of the wick.

To make your own candle because you cannot find one is an expensive thing to do.

Wax alone is expensive. Melting it is not easy. It's not as simple as just waiting for liquid form. Depending on the type of wax, you must heat it to a certian degree. Usually 140 is the minimum tempurature to heat wax to be able to pour it. You need a candle mold and its a smart idea to put a sort of resin in it to make removing the candle easy.
You have to get the dye to color the wax and depending on the type of wax, the dye will not mix with it at all.

Freezing it only works to help remove it if it's kinda of stuck. It will not form instantly. Infact it takes many hours...up to a half a day in some cases to get the wax to become completely solid.

You're looking at around $30 minimum just to get the right ingrediants to make a candle and that doesnt count the time it takes, nor the insane pain if you spill it.
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Re: your own colour candles
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
when i make mine i put them in little class pots healer is right ive used oil b4 i put the hot wax in the jar so i can replace them when i need to another novelty is putting fresh lavender in with the wax smells great and it dont pop or anything
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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 5
i guess i dint think about the smell and stuff. well anyway its better with a tip or two
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Re: your own colour
Post # 6
I would like to ask a question.Candles used for magick must be unused/virgin right?Then to make my own candles,can I take a used candle then melt the wax and then form a new candle?(re-using wax)
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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 7
I do not know about the rightness or wrongness of using used candle wax for making new candles, I have done it and had not repurcussions as a result. I simply use distilled water and white sage to cleanse the 'used' candle that I may use it for new candles. Healer is correct initial cost can be prohibitive, however, being a single mom and poor I do this so that I may have my needs met without 'breaking my bank.'
If you are okay with the cleansing of old to make new then I suggest this.
The dye from the old candle with dye the new wax, use white wax as it will keep your color more true. If you color mixing then mix away, otherwise keep to white. The 'old' wax will obviously be a paler version once melted with the white wax. A cooking thermometer is recommened, so that you do not get the wax TOO hot and burn it. You can pick one up for about $5 or ask a family member who cooks if they have a spare one.
You will need to purchase wick, which can be done at many craft stores, like Hobby Lobyy, Micheals, etc... Be aware of the wick size that you purchase. As a general rule, the thicker the wick, the larger the candle it needs to go in, as the thickness determines how hot it will burn and the speed of which it will burn. Google it, you will find info on the standard sizes and their application. Wick is not terribly expensive.
You can dip your own candles, that is not difficult, you simply have to have a longer wick to start so that you have something to "hold" onto. I will be happy to give that process to anyone who is really interested, just email me.
Molds can be made out of various materials. You can make them out of scrap wood, just make sure if you to that that they are made with precision, so that your wax does not come running out of the sides. I can help with that too if you want to email me.
Plasitic can be a wonderfully economic way to make candle molds as well, you can cut up old bottles, containers to the height you need and put a wick in, hold the wick or use a metal base to run it through that sits on the bottom. The metal is not mandatory though. You can simply seat the wick in the bottom, hold in place and pour your wax in, and adjust your wick to stay in the center until it hardens just enough that you can let it go.
Metal molds can be made as well. You can also, if you have the money, invest in some premade molds.
You can infuse your candles with essences as well, which is not very difficult either.
Just realize that there are different grades of wax, the less expensive the wax, the faster your candle will burn.
If you have the time to invest candle-making can be a wonderful experience and allow you to get creative as well. If not, you may just want to stick to buying them.
Anyhow, I could go on with this for a long time, but I will stop here. Please email me if you like and I will give you what info I need.
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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 8
I am attaching some links, this may help people. I forgot to tell you all that you should use the double broiler method as this is imperative for safety reasons. The link here is a wonderful jump-off point, if you go to it it has all kinds of info that you can jump around to to get serious details.

this is another site that I feel does a bang-up job of defining candlemaking. It pretty well covers all candles, you can buy supplies from them and they have great directions and clear pictures to help.

I want to apologize, it has been a long time since I have done candlemaking and I did not recallthe wick holder bars. They are listed within the accessories dept. on Peak Candle Supplies website.

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Re: your own colour candles
Post # 9
hehe,colour is just illusion....its childish to use colours in magic,makes you more blind than the vision of spectre you see.Its only good for begginers to make them believe in themselfs.:)
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