stealing a soul

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stealing a soul
Post # 1
how do i do it
and what can i benefot from it?
is all souls the same
or will a soul of a goy will worth anything anyway?

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 2
I can't see how anyones' soul can be valuable to anyone but original owner.

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 3
"will a soul of a goy will worth anything anyway" such simple wanting a soul is a soul if your missing bits of a soul and suffer from soul sickness then stealing soul will indeed heal you.

a soul can be used i gess for putting in none life objects my mates does this to all her dead mates puts them in puppits.

no one in there right mind with a true working way will tell you its simple just not ment to be known.

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 4
i personally have a soul in my room, of course i know not how to remove souls, someone did it for my, to protect me from the person.

souls should not be messed with for just any reason.

i think you should look deeper into your own before you mess with other's.


Re: stealing a soul
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
well said Luzifer XD

Re: stealing a soul
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
First what is a goy? Second why do you feel the need to steal a soul? Is yours messed up? or is it just you that is messed up?

To steal a soul is asking for so much trouble beyond what you could ever handle.

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 7
if i could steal a soul ide be putting em in dolls and sticking pins in em etc lool then returning the soul

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 8
steal one soul is worse then killing that person it may give you what you want but is the cost worth it

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 9
why steal a soul? if you need to repair your own soul for any reason,thats your one has any right whatsoever to steal someone elses soul,i mean,without a soul you are nothing,though youre not physicaly killing them,you are as good as killing them mentaly.the only way to benefit from stealing a soul is to heal your own,but then your depriving someonelse of their own personalaty and thier own mental being wich is not good thing. remember the three fold law luwke

Re: stealing a soul
Post # 10
If you stole someone's soul, the basic act of doing so is so evil that you will become nothing more than an empty shell, all the good in you will drain away like water in a sink, and you will die cold.

Acts of evil should never be practiced at this level. Or you will certainly be killed by your own evil.

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