Lets get to know eachothe

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Forums -> Welcome -> Lets get to know eachothe

Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 1
Lets get to know each other!!

Hi guys!!! I really want to get to know EVERYONE on this site. So we can all be friends!! So I've prepared some questions so that we can get to know each other!! Oh yeah, you don't have to answer every question if you don't want to. If you find any of the questions too personal, you can just leave that spot blank~!!

Race (African, Asian, etc.):
Sexual Orientation:
Religions you follow:
Coven and position:
Dreams for the future:

Here are my answers to the questions!!
Name: Alexandra
Nickname: Alex or Lexi
Age: I don't feel like telling!!
Race (African, Asian, etc.):American
Appearance: Tall, slim, dark hair at shoulder length
Personallity: Shy, fearful, intelligent
Sexual Orientation: bi-curious
Religions you follow: Many. I follow many different religions.
Coven and position: Council of Aesir Sunset
Dreams for the future: To live in Japan and study botany!!
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 2
Name: Joe
Nickname: Joey jojo
Age: 14
Race (African, Asian, etc.): Italian
Appearance: Short, tan skinned short black hair...HOT
Personallity: Ima fun dude wh cna easily turn mean and evil
Sexual Orientation: STRAIGHT
Religions you follow: The pagan religion really
Coven and position: Council of Nephatian Council
Dreams for the future: Become a pilot and learn russian
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 3
Name: Traci
Nickname: None as of yet
Age: 19
Race (African, Asian, etc.): American
Appearance: short, slim, dark brown hair
Personality: I'm a gamer girl who will go from bubbly to evil in 2.6 seconds flat.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religions you follow: Wiccan
Coven and position: Second Sight; member
Dreams for the future: Future web page designer
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 4
Age:almost 15
Race :American
Appearance:Tall, pale , red hair, blue eyes.
Personality:Shy, Quiet
Sexual Orientation:Bi
Coven and position:Christian Wicca member
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 5
lol Joeypalz.... how you describe yourself. I've never met a guy who felt so good about himself.
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Re: Lets get to know each
Post # 6
If you must know... then I should give the answer (by the way.. since when "american" was a race? -_- just wondering)

Real Name is Martha Cecilia Mejia Andino.
My magickal name is Variados Uruibi (and you might ask.. how the hell that is a magickal name.. well.. is for me to know.. and for you to never find out)

My chosen nickname are Variados and Mar (BD).
My given nicknames are many.. but I can tell you a few, Vari, Skittles, "C", Chila, Tita, Mchammer (-_- weird) Mcjump, Crackbaby, Rainbown, Sunshine, Smileyalot, Smilyface, Meyer, Mayan, "Chela", M&M, Var and others I cannot recall right now.. but my favorite from there is Skittles, and "C".

Age: 22

Race (African, Asian, etc.): Races do not exist any more.. but my ethnicity is Latino or Hispanic.


Personallity: I am very hyper and talk fast. I am hardly good in telling jokes, but it looks like I am funny. I am very flippant, and care less of what others think of me.. and once in a while if I want to get the attention I get it. I am sarcastic and like to talk a lot but I am actually a quiet person, but it bores me to see that no one brings anything interesting to amuse me. Well.. read my profile.. hahaha people that know me personally thinks of me as a very responsible and serious person that hardly worries, and hardly fights but says whatever is on the mind and does not talk about people in their backs and tell them in front of them.. ^_^ and surprisingly she never seems to be attack.. HAHAHA

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religions you follow: None, by heritage I am Catholic.

Coven and position: None, Petrarca thought the coven I wanted to make to be silly O_O and got banned.. hahahaha

Dreams for the future: None.. just traveled around the world..
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 7
Nickname:(don't have one)
Age: 13
Race (African, Asian, etc.):african american
Appearance:brunette shoulderlegnth hair,kinda tall,at least 3/4 to slim
Personallity:can be mysterious,i'm shy,kind,creative
Sexual Orientation:straight
Religions you follow:i follow my own path
Coven and position:member of dragon magick
Dreams for the future:becoming an artist,make techno music
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Re: Lets get to know each
Post # 8
1. Name:
2. Nickname: don't have one
3. Age: 19
4. Race: white
5. Appearance: short
6. Personality: outgoing
7. Sexual Orientation: straight
8. Religion you follow: my own mix
9. Coven and position: Practical Witches [council]
10. Dreams of the future: become a well known photographer
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 9

Nickname:Mimosa Star


Race (African, Asian, etc.): filipino/african american

Appearance:short, black hair, exotic looking... from what people tell me... lol

Personallity:i'm shy, sweet, funny, kind & caring

Sexual Orientation:straight

Religions you follow:Buddhist

Coven and position:Broom Closet

Dreams for the future:To become successful with opening my own catering business and working on my art
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Re: Lets get to know eachothe
Post # 10
Nickname: Eddy
Age: 16
Race (African, Asian, etc.): Mexican/Hispanic
Appearance: ._.
Personallity: shy, crazy, fearful, funny, intelligent
Sexual Orientation: straight
Religions you follow: atheism/wiccan practices
Coven and position: member of the council of nepthian
Dreams for the future: finish the war.
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