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Magic Wands-Spell Books
Post # 1
Ok, I've been looking all over the web for an explanation of how to use a wand.

I found some sites but they aren't giving me any help. What I would like to know is, How do you actually use a magic wand? Are there specific spells that go with wands,
or do you just use the spells on this site?

Also, How can you cast a spell without having to make a ritual out of it like without using candles and other ingredients in order to make the spell work? What if you needed to cast a spell at the spare of a moment and couldn't break out the spell kit.

And one more thing! How do you make a spell book if you don't know any spells! :(

I sorry if I sound stupid but I am very new to the practice. Please give me some feedback. Thanks!

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Re: Magic Wands-Spell Books
Post # 2
I don't know jack about wands, other than they're pretty and a tool.

You can cast a spell without any tools to aid you. It's all about the energy you project. Some people use tools as a way to borrow energy, candles for are/can borrow the energy from the flame, as well as send some of your energy into the candle to help it aid your bidding.
It isn't necessary for any of this if you don't want, but you do need a decent grasp of how to use your energy and the energy around you at all times. Some people can perform a spell with simply thinking of their desire.

A spell book is always a work in progress. You don't have spells yet, but that doesn't mean you can't put in the information you know about magick now. If you are into color meanings, make a page describing the color attributes. If you have found a good method of meditation, put it in writing.

A spell book is not just a book of spells, it's a book of your growth in using magick.

Oh, and nothing stupid in your questions at all. =)
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Re: Magic Wands-Spell Books
Post # 3
You dont have to have a wand ,although I do.Once you learn to manipulate your energy you can manifest it by pointing with your finger if you want.A wand or a staff like Healer said is just a tool used to borrow or amplfy energy.I have a wand and a staff.I rarely use either but my wand does have fire opal on it,because its believed to magnify energy.Also your book should be a process.what spells worked,wich ones didnt,where you got them,anything to help your overall growth,but you do kinda need spells...just my 2 cnts
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Re: Magic Wands-Spell Books
Post # 4
Can you help me
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Re: Magic Wands-Spell Books
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Can who help you, everyone bar the original questioner is no longer a member.

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