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Name: MariaMadness
Birthday: Nov 11 1994
Location: Las Vegas; Nevada.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Aug 2010

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Personal Bio
Names Maria, Young at 15..,

cake day happens to fall on 11:11[november 11],

ya im a special kidd.stand stall at 5'3''

Born in the country of CUBA, city Havana.


and ya i do speak spanish,

i got the accent and everything...,

so stop askingg, I live in Sin City Bitches[702; Las Vegas]..,

I'm a witch, I come from a family of very powerful witches and gypsy's favorite holiday; 4.20;)

i blaze;

i drink;

get used to it.

I dont like labels, if you label meh, ill label you; and it wont be pretty(;

If i dont label myself, why should you?

Hmmm; brain teaserr,,

HA. And yess, i DO want to be a vampire(;

I Belive in wishing at 11:11 at night ;

The rain makes meh VERY happy,

i have a sharp toung, i can slice you up..

I flirt ALOT;

Tattoo's turn meh on...,

The first thing i notice in a guy is the eyess...

Im a very confident and vain person so learn to deal with it...,

&& i sure ass hell knoe im an attention whore.!(:

*Been dancing all types of dancing, &Gymnastics since i was 4,

and modeling since 10..,

I listen to the type of music thats makes your ears bleed...

and make babys wanna cry..hmm(:

iam a big bitch and i will tear your ass apart..,

I hate liars,

so dont try to feed meh that shiett,

it may work on other people,

but newsflash hoe; im difrent.

Im not A bitch; Im THE bitch.., i dont get mad i get even;)


vvvvMy Life's story [Rather interesting.]vvvv

I am new to this site but not new to witchcraft, I too am a witch. I come from a long line of witches and gypsy's. I have been studying witchcraft for 9 years now [Going to be 10 years soon] But at age 6 my mom decided to cut meh off of all magick &&Did not want me to keep on studying it. I feel like her decision was very rude of her, To decide for meh, To give meh a future without magick is not how I want to live my life. My grandma tried teaching meh some but my mom cut it off. I can't even talk to my relatives who practice the art either, But either way I try to teach myself, I still have my Book of Shadows I made when I was 6 and it rather interesting, Lol; But that is why I go on this site to learn more.


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