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Name: blossomking.
Birthday: Nov 19 1994
Location: Austin, TX, U.S.A
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 23 Aug 2010

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i got started in to magic a long time ago i was always attracted to the occult

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Spell to put away a spell into your wand

while in the middle of a spell you can twirl your wand around you and say


and the spell will be transpoted to your wand for as long as you want it

protection potion



river water or ocean water (both can be used)

flowers any kind

if using river water highly recomended to use sunflower

if using sea water highly recomended to use roses

(wild flowers can be used)

mix all ingridients together in a food processer

let it sit for no less than two days let sit outside to the light of both the moon and the sun

every day at twilight chant

Elements i conjure thee

to do my will now hear my plea

hearken quickly to this task

protect this potion as i ask

let no evil come this way

once they've been touched

by this magical spray

tonight i pray to thee

to protect this potion

let my spell be set in motion

yes tonight i pray to thee

as i will so mote it be

after the days strain and put into a spray bottle

now everything you spray will be kept out of harms way

Elemental Stone/s

in a fire proof place (safety first)

make an altar to the elements





pick a stone (one that calls out to you)

place it in the middle of the altar

imagine the energy of the four elements baing sucked in by the stone

and chant 4 times

Elements i conjire thee

to do my will now hear my plea

hearken quickly to this task

bless thei Stone/s as i ask

i call upon the north kingdom of earth

i call upon the south kingsom of fire

i call upon the east kingdom of air

i call upon the west kingdom of water

i comjure the Elements of the worlds

As i will so mote it be

now the stones will up your elemental spells

Employement spell


2 bay leafs

3 pecans

your picture


a box

a baby plant

grind up the leafs and pecans with honey

put your picture in the box first and as you pour the mixture chant

i call upon the light

power of construction

to help me on my spell

and to give it the devotion

give me the job that i desire

and as this plant grows let me grow along with it

as we grow and we get taller

lat us accend higher every day

as i will so mote it be

burry the bok in the botton of the plant and take care of it and as the plant grows so will you in your work status


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