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Name: Chaox
Location: And Old Pathway, down a familiar road.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 23 Aug 2010

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'One is All, and through it is All, and by it is All', and 'if you have not All, All is Nothing'.

Name: Chaox

Age: 18

Experience: Below

My name is Chaox, this name came from hard training, until my master thought me worthy of a magic name. I then used a numerological wiccan process to choose this name on my own. It has served me in spell writings, transmutations, and rituals ever since.

Just to start, I think I'll simply tell you what I specialize in; in no particular order...

- Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do, Karate)

- Possession & Spirit Magic

- Exorcism

- Alchemy

- Energy Manipulation

- Elemental Manipulation

- Pyromancy

- Scrying

- Aura Reading

- Astral Projection

- Precognition

- Controlled Psychic Intuition

- Third Eye

- Psi Balls

- Psychic Connection

- Ritual Magick

- Meditation

- Lunar Magick & Lunarkinesis

- Blood Magick

- Transfiguration within Spiritualism

- Great Knowledge of Vampires, however I do not claim to associate commonly with any clans or individual vampires at any particular time.

I Hate Posers, I Hate Liars, I Hate anyone who hurts those whom I Love. I am deeply experienced in Exorcism, and spiritual magick. I am actually very experienced in all abilities listed above. I was six when I realized that I was psychic. It wasn't until I was fourteen, till I realized I'd inherited that power from my mother. Elemental Manipulation came fairly naturally to me once I began my studies. I can't say for sure, but I think this comes from my father. Alchemy was something I worked extremely hard in from the time I was twelve to fifteen. Energy Manipulation came with this. I studied wiccan and pagen magick in the beginning of high school; and found a Sensei to whom I owe my life for this power. Almost everything else came with experience, and practice (except for the martial arts, for those I took years of classes). In some cases I didn't really have a choice.

On a side note, since I forgot to mention this. I practiced in the Chung Do Kwan Association for nearly seven years before achieving a First Degree Black-Belt ranking. Just because I'm not a part of that specific organization anymore does NOT under any circumstances mean that I will stop training.

I am willing to teach. But I won't pretend to be a master in any field. No one knows everything about anything. I will not act any differently.

I am here to learn, and to help those that I can, with the proper intentions in mind.


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