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Name: brokinsoul85
Birthday: Oct 1 1985
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 12 Jul 2010

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Well im not 100 percent sure what to write ive kinda been in this thing (the occults) for a few years now 3 almost 4. But have done it my whole life off and on. Will be moving soon to where not sure but i think amsterdamb. People can say im mean but i really am very nice i just dont want to hear stupid things. I came on here to see what the occult communtiy is up to these days i am eclectic and solitary what ive decided is somewhat going to change as futhering my knowledge is getting a bit well complicated to say the least. I want to see what the rest of the world when it comes to wiccans. I do not follow the wiccan laws or will i ever follow a law that would use fear to inspire loyality. I am allways willing to learn and have no problem with helping others to achieve this same goal.

Color Meanings and corrasponding attributes

-Astrological based, Ordinary, Candle magick,Roses ,fairy colors, and many more( this list would go on and on)

Herbs And Plants

-Astrological grouping, Salves, tinctures, formentations, Decoction, incense, Infusions (bolth hot, cold, lunar and solar), Potions, Balms, Teas, Oils, Pure extracts/ essential oils, Elixers, Talismans, Perfumes, colognes, Ayurvedic, Ointments, Shamanic and more,


- Ever growing and way too much to add onto here. But if i can get around to it one of these days i will.


- History, Philosophy, Herbs, Gems, Lore/ legend, and treatment.


- Will add later and a large but not main focal point of my studies.

Tai Chi

- 8 primary gua generated from the 4 primary symbols, 4 primary symbols, The names of Ba Gua, the attributes of Ba Gua, The symbolism of Ba Gua, Fu xi's arragement, mystery of 9 and 36, later heavin sequence, The upper and lower cannon. I am also fowarding my knowledge in this.


- Colors, Stances, Corraspondences, Herbs, Gems, Lore and Legends.

Kinesis and Telepathy

-Chronokinesis, Empathy, Esp, Umbrakinesis or Sciakinesis, Psionics, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis,Marco and Micro telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cyrokinesis (glaciekinesis), Elcetrokinesis (amberkinesis) Audiotelepathy, Hydrokinesis, Teraakinesis, Audiotelekinesis, Visual telepathy, A/v telepathy, interactive telepathy, precognition, Halokinesis, Magnokinesis, Sonokinesis, Atmokinesis, Quantokinesis, Photokinesis, Aerokinesis.


- Corraspondence to each. I tend to incorperate this into everything i do to denie the elements is to denie the very fabric of life that keeps you alive so basicly theres too much to add onto this one.


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