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Name: yajra009
Birthday: Sep 10 1990
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 21 Aug 2014


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"True love never speaks of demand."

*A Better version of myself..

*A reiki master-initiated by an indian master at some point in my life, and received a master's degree of initiation by vanity's fire who is one of the member of this site..

*A ceremonial magician

studied many kinds of summoning starting from:

-book of magickal evocation by franz bardon

-keys of solomon

-grimorium verum

-faustian demonology

-spiritual satanism's kind of demon summoning

-luciferian goetia of michael ford

-necronomicon (even though some says it is a fraud, but invoking powers from the necronomicon will sure have some sort of results..

*Studied persian sorcery including:

-ahrimanic and daevic sorcery

-barbaric tongue of spellcasting

*Studied vampirism and therianthropy of michael ford's ideology..

*Been into diferent paths-darker paths such as spiritual satanism, rational satanism, luciferianism with an in-depth study of such ideologies..

*Been into hermetic science (a franz' bardon's book scholar)

*been into quimbanda (an afro-brazilian form of religion incorporated with the mediumship and magick of exus and pomba giras)

*Been into a coven named la casa rosa negra which studies filipino folk magick, quimbanda,draconick magick..

*BOOKS THAT I'VE STUDIED Related to magick:

-initiation into hermetics a practice of magick, by franz bardon

-book of magickal evocation by franz bardon

-quabalah by franz bardon

-keys of solomon

-grimorium verum

-faustian demonology

-satanic bible, by anton lavey

-bible of the adversay by michael ford

-luciferian goetia by michael ford

-book of the witch moon by michael ford

-reiki 1st, 2nd, and a master's manual handed to me by my indian master..

*These are the scopes of what I've studied:


-power meditation (kundalini and different chakra works)

-tarot card reading

-oracle card reading

-pendulum divination

-mirror scrying


-body language

-lucid dreaming

-astral projection

-barbaric tongue spell creation and spellcasting

-vampirism and theriantropy (of course spiritual not physical)

-reiki (I've focused on this one)

-summoning (I've focused on this one also)

*Also used to be a chemical engineering student.. shifted to become a bible scholar..

*All of which I came to realize that all of the knowledge in the world is useless if you don't apply it firsthand.. if you have mastered the basics, you will realize that all the knowledge in the world will go to just one direction.. different paths and idelogies but with only one core.. it is like a racing game- many participants but with only one starting line, only one track, and with just one finish line..

*Now, proud to be a TRUE CHRISTIAN-not a catholic nor a protestant.. ;))


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