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Name: AbiiAngel
Birthday: Jul 8 1994
Location: In My Room ._.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 28 Aug 2010

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Merry Meet! Name: Abby or AbiiAngel Age: 16 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Personality: Energetic, Kind, Loyal, Trustworthy, Clumsy - All Those Nice Words. I maybe Depressed at times, but deep down, I know I have people who care about me. Element: Water, but I do adore Earth (: Magick Practice: White Magick. I like: Running,Reading,Going Out To Be With Nature,Writing Poems,Pens,BubbleWrap,Singing,Being Random,Texting,Talking On The Phone,Little Kids,Crayons,Music,Rainbows,Night,Taking Night Long Walks I Dislike: Annoying People,Liars,Cheaters,Homework,Daytime,School,Chores,People Who Think They Are Always Right,Tiny Small Fonts,Screamo Music,Paper Cuts,Mean People,Spelling Errors,People Criticizing Me Or My Friends, Copiers -Poems I Wrote: Nature Is The Way Of Life Nature is the way of life, the way of everything Earth, Air, Fire, Water the essence of life Earth, our home the place where we grew up Air, the breath of our life Fire, keeping us warm in the Winter Water, keeping us cool in the Summer The Four elements are the way of life The strongest power there is for us A home from which we will never leave Nature is the way of life, the way of everything. You're Beautiful! (: People will think or say you're ugly. But you're NOT ugly. You are BEAUTIFUL! You may think you're not pretty, But deep down you're beautiful. Don't hide yourself, you should show your true identity! Be proud for who you are! Don't let people judge you saying you're not pretty or you're not skinny. Because you know what? They are jealous of you because you are WAY more prettier then them! =] Smile and be proud for yourself! You're Beautiful No Matter What! Inside And Out! =] The Basics: Meditation Visualization Grounding/centering Energy Flow and Control Shielding/Circle Casting Elements Days Colors Tools Moon Phases If you has any questions, e-mail and I'll answer right away! I'd love to help out! (: Blessed Be! )O(


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