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Name: Sammael_Alal
Location: In My Astral Temple
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 12 Apr 2011

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I believe that every god exists but i choose not to worship them. They are to be used for assistance and not to admire. Although when used for assistance i mean that you acquire their help, but u give something to them in return. equivalent exchange if u will. Iam neither good nor evil; it only exists to a person who is bound by morals. But iam dark. I do as i please, but this kind of freedom isnt handed to me on a silver platter; it is rewarded to those who have earned it. Iam a shadow fire mage, meaning that i have fused the elements fire and darkness together. I typically work with either Sumerian gods or Aztec, but i'm tied in with Sumerian due to past life. For those interested my name is Sumerian.

To Those Who Choose To Worship The Adversary:

Know what you are doing. Demons do not play nice. They are attracted to blood, so watch your tactics. And they will put a knife in your back as soon as they find you worthless. And The Dark Lord will do the same to you as he will for he is true freedom.

Iam at the moment working towards joining the Illuminates of Thanateros so I can further my understanding even more. I have practiced for some odd time and have acquired several abilities. Some of them are:

- A contructed astral temple

- Shadow meditation

- mastery of tarot card divination

- talisman charging

- highly intuitive

- skilled in hate and anger gnosis

Iam currently engaged in technomantic studies, particularly sentient item creation and infusing devices with magick. If a belief system cannot progress with time, it slowly dies.

other than magick i have various other interests. i have a deep passion for music, particularly metal and industrial. my favorite band is Behemoth due to their allegiance to Thelema and Nergal's use of ancient history as lyrical content. second to that is tied with either Gothminister, The Kovenant, and Deathstars.

i am disgusted with people's obsession with labels. especially these fakes that label themselves "emo". i have a deep hatred for Scientologists, Christians, and Muslims. Honestly if i had it my way i would feed them all to the lions.


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