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Name: HrafnElska
Birthday: Jul 19 1994
Location: Sheffield, UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 12 Feb 2011

Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
Students: Due to technical difficulties I am unable to get onto the internet often, I apologise for any inconvience and am trying to sort the problem. Lesson will continue as and when I get online.

I have been studying magick for just over 7 years and specialise in:

# Healing - physical, spiritual, emotional

# Black and White Energy/Magick

# Communication with the other side

# Spirit mending

# Element bending

# Runes

# Dreams

# Soul Reading/Eye Reading

# Dragonology [not dragon magick but the study of dragons themselves]

I am perfectly willing to help anyone if asked, just put the subject as:

" Healing Help "

and I will respond as soon as possible (I always respond).

I am also currently taking on students in the above topics. If you are interested then send me an email titled

"Student application"

and the topic you are interested in and I will get back to you.

'*' I follow the path of Old Norse/Asatru and am honoured to be a Friggadottir (Daughter Of Frigga)

'*' My element is Water and I use this in a lot of my spells and rituals, I have been described as 'Strange yet Surprising' and love to live up to this.

'*' Personality wise I am very loving and caring for anyone who needs of it, yet I do not pity, mainly I am very maternal due to my connection with Frigga and my zodiac Cancer. I can be firm but fair and always listen, no matter how great or small the problem.

'*' I can speak good level French, basic Icelandic and basic Old Norse plus write in Old Germanic Rune.

'*' My favourite colours are Black, Red and Earthy colours, however I quite like most colours.

'*' In addition I also have a gift of being able to read peoples hidden emotions and secret feelings through their eyes, therefore if I meet you, you can't lie to me.

'*' Both my hair and eyes change colour as often as possible so there isn't really any point in putting those down.

'*' I have a HUGE soft spot for anime and would give anything to look like them.

'*' My partner is jamesradford and can best be described as a living Carpathian Male =)

If you want to know anything else then just email =)

Also check out my site -

Skype : hrafnelska (just send me a message saying you're from SpellsofMagick and I'll add you, also leave your SpellsofMagick account name so I can see who you are.)

~ HrafnElska

- Gods Bless * Frigga Protect


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