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Name: brandib
Birthday: May 17 1979
Location: Ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 30 Jan 2012

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Hello. I'm 32 years old and I have a 10 yr. old son who is my world.

I started learning about this back in 1998,from my 1st roommate in college but my family didn't see it that way. Now that some of them know that I'm back into it, they still dont understand-but they also know that I am a Christian as well, so they dont harp as much. This year, I've really gotten back into the swing of things so to speak. I did have a couple of friends here that helped me in that aspect, we did a couple of spells...but we are no longer friends. I can't be around back stabbers-it's just not my cup of tea. My friend that got me into Wicca, has told me that I'm not made out to be a "solitary witch" cause I'm too outgoing. :) I am trying the whole solitary witch but she's right-I'm too outgoing and they type of person that loves to learn in groups. :)

I've purchased many books and started to do more research. I've always been fascinated by how it works and the beliefs. Now, it's apart of me. I'm still having a hard time deciding what my "path" is though. I believe in many ideas-but I am learning to stay true to myself. I'm slowly getting the knowledge of stones & meanings, and pendulums imbeded in my thick skull. ;)

I am also sensitive & an empath. I've had many paranormal experinces. Some good & some not so good. I have a little girl that followed me. She looked at me as her "mother figure" since her's had moved on. Seems like no matter where I move-there is someone or something always there. I have a family here in my current home. The 3 ladies & their father look after me and my son..and they actually have helped me get through some of the rough bumps in the road. I do believe they are Indian ladies & their father was English, the land close to me was known as their land.

I ask alot of questions and I hope that I dont annoy anyone if I have to ask the same question more than once. It's just my way of double checking myself. :) I hope to meet lots of new people close to home and far away and I can't wait to learn & experince things with everyone!





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